Annual General Meetings

The following table contains links to the agendas and minutes for each annual general meeting.  The most recent minutes entry is always a draft, because it has not yet been approved by the general membership.  Older minutes have been approved at a general meeting.  Elements of the minutes and agenda that deal with budget are not posted here; they are sent directly to club members only.  If a club member wishes to request a copy of any past financial summary, s/he can request the summary from Jim Wolfe ( jlwolfe at atlanticbb dot net )
Agendas Minutes
2018 Meeting 2018
2017 Meeting 2017
2016 Meeting 2016
2015 Meeting 2015
 2014 Meeting  2014
 2013 Meeting   2013 
 2012 Meeting  2012
 2011 Meeting  2011
 2010 Meeting  2010
 2009 Meeting  2009
 2008 Meeting  2008