Mingo Creek Park
30 August 2015
Orienteering Meet

It was a rather warm, humid day for orienteering; but it was still August; so what can you expect.  There was a little rain before the event started and a brief sprinkle toward the end; but the only person to get really rained on was Jerry Agin as he finished picking up controls.  Turnout was the best we have had at Mingo Creek with 43 starts and 74 people participating.

Anneliese Steuben designed the courses; this the first time she has done this and the results were very good.  There were a couple people on the Yellow course who mysteriously could not find the control box at one control for unknown reasons.  There were a few others on the Yellow course that did not read the course notes and were confused with the water stop on control 6 not being exactly at the control flag.  However, nearly all the course comments I heard were very positive.  There were a couple places where the vegetation on the map could be improved; but otherwise, the particiants seemed to enjoy themselves.

There were two interesting occurrences at this event.  Tom Svopodny came all the way from Dayton to give Mingo Creek a try; and put on a demonstration how orienteering should be done.  He won the Red course by almost 12 minutes.  As you might expect, he was also the fastest on many of the legs of the course; however, he was also the fastest on a couple of legs after severely cutting his foot on a bottle.  On the Yellow course, there was an unexpectedly wide variety of people who were the fastest on the various legs.   There were 11 legs on the Yellow course; seven different people or groups were fastest on one or more legs.  You can view the split times at the link below; I have highlighted the fastest time for each leg on all courses.

Thanks to Yaki Barak, James Fenn, Ryan Knecht and Laurie Opila for handling registration.  Thanks to Naomi Jarvis and Joe Logan for helping with start/finish.  Thanks to Sherry Shank and Andy Strat for providing instruction; and thanks to Andy for making some additional Yellow course maps.  And thanks to Jerry Agin, Alexis Rzewski, Ryan Knecht and Yaki Barak for  doign control pickup.

Our next event will be our annual celebration of National Orienteering Day at Keystone State Park on September 20.

Click here to see the splits for each course

Click here to see Alexis Rzewski's photos from the event

150830 Mingo Creek
results created by Ór

White       Yellow         Orange          Red

White     2.2k       60m

1John Huffman 33:12
2Derek Wessel (2) 51:20
3Ling Tian (4) 52:03
4Nelson Chipman (3) 52:44
5Susan Caro (5) WPOC56:01
Colin Neil (5) Missed controls 1 & 2; finished in 40:11 DSQ

Yellow    3.1k      110m

1Andrew Sedgwick 51:43
2Kirill Kiselyov 58:28
3Blaine Sanner (3) 63:07
4John Huffman 63:22
5Alexis Rzewski WPOC63:24
6Rzewski (3)Manual punch #7WPOC74:19
7Stanley Liu (4) 74:42
8Zean Chen (3) 75:36
9Roger Stoffregen (2)Manual punch #7WPOC86:09
10Katherine Fair(4) 86:13
11Derek Wessel (2) 88:26
12Dave Ross 107:09
13Linda & Jack Geissler WPOC127:53
14Linda Alberico (3) 135:41
Colin Neil (9) Missed #6-#9; finished in 84:09 DNF
Mike Ward (2) Missed #6-#10; finished in 147:48WPOCDNF
Melanie Plummer (2) Missed #6-#10; finished in 128:39 DNF
Loretta Opila Missed #7-#9; finished in 77:49WPOCDNF

Orange         4.9k          175m

1Ryan Knecht WPOC75:10
2Joe Logan WPOC93:43
3Rayden Sorock 110:19
4Jerry Agin WPOC126:51
5Sherry Shank WPOC133:50
6Naomi Jarvis WPOC146:49
7Tom & Linda Gray WPOC172:01
Kayla Poling (2) Missed #11 & #12; finished in 194:35 DNF
Stephen Brown Missed #11; finished in 106:05WPOCDNF
James Fenn Missed #11 & #12; finished in 127:42WPOCDNF

Red          6.6k          295m

1Tom Svopodny MVOC83:41
2Jim Trautmann WPOC95:38
3Andy Strat WPOC96:46
4Dave Battista WPOC99:14
5Alexis Rzewski WPOC102:45
6Yaki Barak WPOC169:20
7Gordon Huang WPOC195:53
Beth Ann Eyth Found #1-#8; finished in 110:38 DNF
Mike & Diane Lorenz Found #1-#8 & #16; finished in 120:42WPOCDNF