Deer Lakes Park
Orienteering Meet
24 August 2014

It was a warm, sunny day for orienteering.  This attracted a good number of participants (88) and 53 starts (several groups did both the white and yellow courses).  There were also about 18 participants who were doing orienteering for the first time.

Jim Trautmann was meet director in absentia (he was at his brother's wedding in Bermuda).  Judging by the winning times, Jim's courses were about the right length.  However, there were a few problems here and there.  The 4th and 6th controls on the red course caused a lot of searching as the features  were somewhat obscured.  And on the white course, two controls were not placed properly - this had the most negative effect on a late starter on that course who was given credit for the control and reported the mis-placements.  Other commentary about the courses was generally positive.  Many people from the orange and red courses came back with a bunch of seed souvenirs.

The unique feature of the Deer Lakes Event was a 3-leg relay.  This was the first time we have tried to stage a relay.  Generally, it went well; however, if we do this in the future, we need to rethink the timing for the start of the relay.  It turned out that starting at 1:45 led to some chaos at the start/finish area as a lot of regular course finishers decided to come back in the 1:45-2:00 period.  There were also several late starters that overlapped with the relay.  All this happened to overlap with a newspaper reporter who was interviewing people in the start/finish area - see the link to the article below.

Thanks to Tali Shalom-Barak, Laurie Opila and Ryan Knecht for handling registration. Thanks to Andy Strat and Jerry Agin  for handling start/finish.  Thanks to Sherry Shank and  Naomi Jarvis for doing instruction.   Thanks to Alexis Rzewski for putting out controls. And thanks to Gordon Huang, Dave Battista, Kimmo Berg and Joe Logan  for helping to pick up the controls.

See Alexis' photos from the event here

The next event will be at Mingo Creek Park on September 7.

White   Course   1.8 km    55 m climb     9 controls
Brett Johns & Kyle Ward   18:47
Andrea Klukkerud (3)   34:00
Fred Chenot WPOC  34:30
Kojzar & Golubski   45:24
David & Jennifer Vasil   48:34
Alan K, John K, Ben M  Troop 301 50:38
Livingston Family (4) WPOC  53:06
Luca Rzewski (6) WPOC 67:52
Russell Family (5)   79:31
Rick & Judy   96:36
Hira, Yu, Hiroe   104:20
Jeri Wiederkehr   136:05
B J Reiher (3)  finished about 1 pm   DNS

Yellow   Course    3.3 km    100 m climb    11 controls
Ryan Knecht  WPOC 33:46
Erlend Klokkerud   36:20
Fred Chenot  WPOC 48:31
Andrew Kojzar   49:39
Adam Golubski   70:16
Brett Johns & Kyle Ward   73:11
Sarah Martin   76:00
Alan K, Ben M, John K Troop 301  80:03
Luca Rzewski  WPOC 86:06
John & Nancy   96:31
Josh, Evan, Arron (4) WPOC 142:27
Roman & Jeff (4)   142:48
Tali Shalom-Barak - found one control in 44:00 WPOC DNF

Orange Course    4.9 km   140 m climb   12 controls

E-punching was used for this course; see the links below for results and splits.  Fastest legs are shown in bold in the listings

 Results           Splits

Red   Course    7.5 km    235 m climb   13 controls

E-punching was used for this course; see the links below for results and splits.  Fastest legs are shown in bold in the listings

 Results           Splits

Relay Results

The requirement was that there had to be either two or three people per team.  Kimmo Berg did not have a partner and so is listed last as an unofficial team; he ran all three legs  himself.
Leg Team Member Length Climb Time Total
1 Naomi Jarvis 0.9 km 25 m 12:00 12:00
2 Katrina Weinmann 1.7 km 40 m 23:11 35:11
3 Joe Logan 1.0 km 30 m 8:19 43:30

Leg Team Member Length Climb Time Total
1 Eli & Sam Battista 0.9 km 25 m 10:09 10:09
2 Bobbi Battista 1.7 km 40 m 48:11 58:20
3 Dave Battista 1.0 km 30 m 7:16 65:36

Leg Team Member Length Climb Time Total
1 Ian & Jen Livingston 0.9 km 25 m 31:41 31:41
2 Sean & Emma Livingston 1.7 km 40 m 33:40 65:21
3 Jen Livingston 1.0 km 30 m DNS DNF

Leg Team Member Length Climb Time Total
1 Kimmo Berg 0.9 km 25 m 7:52 7:52
2 Kimmo Berg 1.7 km 40 m 10:28 18:20
3 Kimmo Berg 1.0 km 30 m 5:16 23:36

You can see some photos from the event  here

You can read the article that was written about the event  here