Bushy Run Battlefield
Orienteering Meet
25 August 2013

It was a bright, sunny and warm day, temperatures in the mid-70's to mid-80's for most of the meet.  The turnout was quite low; I don't know what caused that.

Jim Trautmann was meet director.  He designed two beginner-level courses (sprints A and B) and two courses with a few more advanced controls (sprints C and D).  The expectation was that participants would do two sprint courses at the same level so there would be individual sprint competition and combined 2-race competition.  For the most part, that worked out ok, although it would have been good to have about twice as many entries, especially on sprints A and B.  Times were quite fast; predicted winning times were about 15 minutes for sprints A and B and about 25 minutes for sprints C and D.  This proved to be correct.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and said a lot of good things about the courses.  The only glitch we had was that we couldn't get the e-punch results to print for quite a while.  Eventually, Andy figured out what was wrong and we did get the splits printed.  This was our first event with two courses (Sprints C and D) managed with e-punching.

We had one new family join the club; welcome to the Geisslers.

Thanks to Tali Shalom-Barak, Sherry Shank and Laurie Opila for handling registration. Thanks to Fred & Kathy Chenot and Dan Marincel for handling start/finish.  Because of the low turnout, we didn't need an instructor, although Yaki Barak and Joe Logan were available to do that.  And thanks to Curt Mertz, Andy Strat, Dave Battista and Gordon Huang  for helping to pick up the controls.

The next event will be a our National Orienteering Day event at Boyce Park on September 22.

Sprint A   Course   2.0 km    45 m climb     10 controls
Fred Chenot  WPOC 18:45
Kathy & Julie Chenot  WPOC 31:56
Jack Geissler (3)  WPOC 40:45
Tali Shalom-Barak  WPOC 40:56
Battista (3)  WPOC 47:04
Shelby (3)   47:45
Susan Caro (5)   54:00
Joni James  WPOC 76:40
Mel Hainey Jr  mispunched last control  28:30   DSQ

Sprint B   Course    2.2 km    65 m climb    9 controls
Nicholas Caro (2)   32:15
Tali Shalom-Barak  WPOC 40:55
Jack Geissler (3)  WPOC 45:51
Shelby (3)   64:53
Joni James  WPOC 72:48
Mel Hainey Jr  four mispunches   25:37   DSQ

Sprints A & B Combined
Tali Shalom-Barak  WPOC 40:56 40:55 81:51
Jack Geissler (3)  WPOC 40:45 45:51 86:36
Shelby (3)   47:45 64:53 112:38
Joni James  WPOC 76:40 72:48 149:28
Mel Hainey Jr   DSQ DSQ DSQ

Sprint C   Course    3.0 km    90 m climb     11 controls

Sprint D   Course    3.2 km    85 m climb   11 controls

You can see the results from these two sprints, the splits for each competitor on these courses, and a combined results table for the two sprints at the following links: