Permanent Orienteering Courses
Munnell Run Farm

WPOC worked Rebekah Gaber, a girl scout working on her silver award project  to set up the permanent orienteering courses in 2017.  There are two courses:  one for beginners and one at the novice level.  Each course is on a separate map with the control descriptions super-imposed on the maps.  These are cross-country courses; that is, the sequence of controls to visit is specified.  The Beginner course has six controls with the control markers labeled A thru F.  The Novice course has 9 controls with the control markers labeled 1 through 9.  Both courses use the honor system to determine if someone has completed a course.  There are no codes to write or punches to make.

Munnell Run Farm is about 1.8 miles north of Mercer, PA on route 58.  The maps and general instructions for using them are available at Munnell Run Farm.  You can also get the maps and instructions through the following links:  Beginner map, Novice mapInstructions (as a pdf) , Instructions (as a web page)   You can find out more about Munnell Run Farm here.