Year-long Waivers for Events Only

The following waivers need to be signed by a parent or legal guardian of minors (children under 18 years of age) to permit them to participate in a WPOC sponsored orienteering event.  Each waiver applies to all WPOC events for an entire year.  These need to be filled out only if the parent is NOT present at the event itself.  Then, the form needs to be brought to the event by the minor.  Only a parent or legal guardian signature is acceptable.

 Waiver for Minors (pdf)  or   Waiver for Minors (doc)

Single Date Waivers for Events or Workshops

Note:  If for some reason an event date needs to be changed, the new date will not be included in the waivers shown above.  To satisfy our waiver requirements for this new date, one of the following waivers will need to be filled out and the date specified on it.  The following waivers are good for only one event or workshop; they have the same requirement as the waivers above, namely that a parent or legal guardian must sign for the minor(s) listed.

 One Day Waiver for Minors (pdf)  or  One Day Waiver for Minors (doc)