Yellow Creek S.P. North Shore
9 August 2020
Orienteering Meet

It was a hot, sunny day with temperatures reaching the mid-80's; kind of typical for August.  This being our first event of 2020 and the first of the Covid-19 era, we were not sure how things would go; but they turned out pretty well.  We had a fairly large number of preregistrations; however, about 25% of those did not show up.  We did have 38 starts from a total of 79 people.  For an event fairly far out of Pittsburgh, that was quite good.

Sherry Shank had designed a 32-control multi-level score course; so, everyone (beginners through experts) was on the same course.  Controls were set at all skill levels, although the hardest controls were really not that hard, partly due to the nature of the map.  With the most distant controls set more than 3 km apart and the August heat, were were not expecting anyone to clear the course in the 2 hours that were allowed; and no one did.  We did have one problem in that some people  did not read the course notes which we placed out and then did something that was not allowed - they ran or walked across a farmer's soybean field.  Alexis admitted to doing this and is listed as disqualified; based on the control sequences in the splits for some other participants, they should be disqualified too.  Frankly, I was surprised by this problem; I would have thought common sense would be sufficient to know that you don't trample a growing crop.  From the comments I heard from finishers, everyone enjoyed the course.

Thanks Al Sheaffer, Ryan Knecht, Laurie Opila, and Sherry Shank for handling registration.  Thanks to Sherry and Ryan for running start/finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan for to instruction, including the instruction he did before the official start of the instruction period.  All of these volunteers were working under a new set of procedures that were set up to deal with the pandemic.  Thanks to Alexis Rzewski, Jerry Agin and John Huffman for doing control pickup.

The next WPOC sponsored event is a night-o event on October 3 at Forbes State Forest Ski Area.  This will be a new area for most people.

Here is a link to the split times

If you want to do some analysis of your route, including using RouteGadget, go here

200809 Yellow Creek
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NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
1Jonathan Boyer 121:1864266018
2Alexis RzewskiM40WPOC119:57620620DSQ
3Jay Smink NEOOC111:264904900
3Joe LoganM55WPOC113:194904900
5Cale Klaff 111:524854850
6Ryan Roppel 112:014554550
7Tamir Klaff 120:244514609
8John Huffman WPOC123:1137941536
9Rayden Sorock 108:502552550
9Giuseppina MecchiaW40WPOC109:342552550
11Brian Gaston Troop 1029 110:182352350
11Tim Beatty Troop 29 110:212352350
11Tracy Pepple 115:422352350
14Hasselfield and Schreier 126:0123229563
15Jerry AginM70WPOC109:342152150
16Omri Barak 140:26201390189
16Yaki BarakM55WPOC140:27201390189
18Ryan Repp 106:112002000
19Paul Upson 121:2819221018
20Cristina Nowak 112:241901900
21Glenn Corliss 115:371751750
22Scott Valazak 93:471601600
23Marjorie Cronin 120:371511609
24Al SheafferM65WPOC78:141301300
25Loretta OpilaW65WPOC98:581051050
26Mary Sleppy 70:5095950
27Lorina Kiselyov 88:1790900
28Jeff Wuenchell 114:5285850
29Emma York 131:0472180108
30Barbara Johnstone 67:3570700
31Eric Smith 78:2465650
31Melanie Galembiewski 114:5465650
33Adelynn York 132:4763180117
34Andria Zutich 130:574614599
34Barbara Jones 130:374614599
36Troop 622 B 88:0145450
36Troop 622 A 87:5545450
38Andy Karnavas WPOC144:2510235225