Laurel Ridge State Park Ski Area
Ski-Orienteering Meet
7 January 2018

There were nearly perfect skiing conditions for WPOC's second ski-orienteering event.  It would have been nicer if the morning temperature had not started at -10 F; but by race time, it was up into the teens and no one complained about the cold.  This was a very successful event as we nearly tripled the turnout from last year.  We had 26 starts with a  total of 42 participants.  A few folks from the Quantico Orienteering Club stopped in to show everyone how it is done as they significantly outpaced the field on the Long course.  QOC's only significant competition came from a couple of SMOC members who recently joined WPOC. We also had a couple of orienteers from Canada participating.  The majority of participants on the Short course were kids - scouts or kids that Naomi trained.

Naomi Jarvis was the meet director.  Everyone seemed to like her courses.  The only complaint I heard was that one of the manual punches wasn't working correctly - a problem that was easily corrected after the event.

Thanks to Laurie Opila, Linda Gray and Ryan Knecht for running registration.  Thanks to Ryan Knecht and John Notte for handling start/finish.  Thanks to Naomi for providing ski  instruction.  And thanks to Naomi and James Fenn for picking up the controls.

Our next event is Raccoongaine on March 25 - the registration limit for that has already been reached.  The event after that is on April 22 at Deer Lakes Park and will be our annual training day (free for everyone).

Note about the results below:  At the start/finish, the finish times were not consistently recorded with minutes and seconds.  Consequently, the results show elapsed times in whole minutes only.

Short Course       1.8 km     50 m climb      7 controls

Name Club Time
1 Sydney Fisher WPOC 17:00
2 Kevin Fisher WPOC 19:00
3 Ryan Knecht WPOC 26:00
4 PET (5)   58:00
4 Livia M (2)   58:00
6 Laura Valentine + Raymond & Margaret   59:00
7 Drew & Kayla WPOC 63:00
8 Ryan Kuntz (2)   68:00
9 Max Almeida (3)   73:00
10 Bob McKinstry (3) WPOC 80:00
11 Jennifer Novelli, Roberto Novelli, Richard Dunton, Osaiah Dunton   DSQ
John Notte  (no punch card - returned in 44:00) 104:00

Long Course        4.3 km      80 m climb       12 controls

Name Club Time
1 Jan Merka QOC 30:00
2 Alexis Merka QOC 38:00
3 Dagmar Merkova QOC 40:00
4 Sydney Fisher WPOC 42:00
5 James Fenn WPOC 44:00
6 Eugene Mlynczyk UKR 49:00
7 Kevin Fisher WPOC 54:00
8 Ralph Lindzon Stars 57:00
9 Jim Trautmann WPOC 59:00
10 Tom Gray WPOC 64:00
11 Alessandro Novelli & Max Novelli   88:00
12 Michael Brown 97:00
13 Johan Holm WPOC 106:00
14 Alex Dye 137:00