Pine Ridge Park
Orienteering Meet
12 November 2017

It was a cool (temperature in the low 40s) partly sunny day; excellent for orienteering.  Nevertheless, we had a relatively small turnout:  30 starts and 39 participants.  We were especially low in the beginner course as we usually get a fair number of scouts coming out, possibly because Pine Ridge is our last event of the year.  However, that didn't happen this time.

Everyone seemed to like Ryan Knecht's courses as there were many positive comments about the Novice and Score courses in particular.  Mark Lattanzi really tore up the Score course as he cleared it with more than 25 minutes to spare.  This was almost 30 minutes faster than the second place competitor who also cleared the course.  From the looks of the splits for the Score course, there were many different routes tried - far greater variety that is usually seen on a score course.

Thanks to Mark Puda, Barbara Johnstone, Al Sheaffer and Eric Steinbring for handling registration.  Thanks to Ryan Knecht for helping with start/finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan for doing instruction.  And thanks to Alexis Rzewski, John Huffman, Naomi Jarvis, James Fenn, Andy Karnavas, and Ryan Knecht for doing control pickup.

You can view the splits here

You can look at the photos that Alexis Rzewski took here

Pine Ridge is our last event of the year.  The next event will be a ski-O on Jan 7 at Laurel Ridge, provided the weather cooperates.

171112 Pine Ridge
results created by Ór


Beginner Novice Score
Beginner     2.3k        85m
1Paul Sleppy WPOC41:34
2Mark Hill (3) 58:30
3Ben Opferman (2) 106:48

Novice       3.3k        100m
1Lora Lattanzi BROC51:04
2Eric SteinbringM40WPOC62:41
3Debbie Stiles 81:16
4Giuseppina Mecchia (2)W40WPOC88:02
5Mary & Paul Sleppy WPOC94:15
6Xiao Chang (3) 96:41
7Barbara Johnstone WPOC115:21
8Brad Spencer (2) 130:03
Dean Augustin Missed last control; finished at 82:38 DNF
Loretta OpilaFound 4 controls; finished at 90:00WPOCDNF


NameClassClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
1Mark Lattanzi BROC64:044604600
2Alexis RzewskiM40WPOC93:0842046040
3Yaki BarakM55WPOC88:484104100
4Tim SpangM40WPOC87:583903900
5Joseph Briggs 89:533703700
6Edna SpangW40WPOC90:5036037010
7Joe LoganM55WPOC84:503303300
8Sherry ShankW55WPOC83:472502500
9Jen Livingston WPOC82:062302300
10John Hoffman WPOC81:272102100
11Naomi & James WPOC78:522002000
12Andy Mowery WPOC84:271901900
13Mark Puda WPOC91:5117019020
14Christee Homan (2) WPOC88:4670700
15Gordon Huang WPOC161:00-250460710
16Michael Brown 185:32-620340960
17Andy Karnavas WPOC239:12-10804201500