Laurel Hill State Park
Orienteering Meet
22 October 2017

It was a nice sunny day for orienteering, temperature about 70 (warm for late October).  We had a very good turnout with 45 starts and 77 total participants.  A bunch of the participants were a group of JROTC students from Albert Gallitin HS.  They did well, except for one group that thought they were ready for the Novice course but were not.  Another group from the Explorer's Club of Pittsburgh tried out a variety of courses mostly doing well on them.  We also had a visitor from a South African club.

Everyone seemed to like Jim Wolfe's courses.  The winning times were what was to be expected and there were very few DNFs.  We had a rare tie for first place on the Advanced Short course with  two others fairly close behind.  There was also a lot of competition on the Advanced Long course.  Our South African visitor was doing exceptionally well on the long course through the first seven controls; then a few mistakes dropped him out of contention.  The splits highlight the fastest times on the legs for the two advanced courses.  On both courses, the fastest legs were shared among the first four finishers.

Thanks to Laurie Opila, Tom Gray, Barbara Johnstone and James Fenn for running registration.  Thanks to Linda Gray, Joe Logan and Andy Strat for doing start/finish.  Thanks to Naomi Jarvis for conducting instruction.  And thanks to Rayden Sorock, Andy Strat, Edna & Tim Spang, Alexis Rzewski and Jason Miller for doing control pick-up.

You can see the splits here

You can see the photos that Alexis Rzewski took at the event here

Our next event is the last event of the year:  Pine Ridge Park on November 12.  It will be combined with our annual membership meeting and pot luck meal.

171022 Laurel Hill
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Beginner Novice Intermediate Adv Short Adv Long
Beginner     2.4k       50m
1Okinena Kusich (5) 39:35
2Caige Moore (4) 40:47
3Brody Nickelson (5) 41:40
4Biglan (2) 41:52
5Sokoveti Mataitoga (4) 51:11
6Loretta OpilaW65WPOC54:21
7Mary Sleppy WPOC58:02
8Gordon Huang (3) WPOC60:20
9Bethany Melvin (6) 79:33
10Kirill Kiselyov (2) 88:50
11Brad Spencer (3) 149:44

Novice     3.7k        110m
1Jason Miller 37:50
2Brian Hattenbach 39:26
3 Jim Burns (2) 50:12
4Mason Risley (2) 69:19
5John Marsh 94:03
6Barbara Johnstone WPOC95:38
7Bethany Melvin (5) 99:00
8Christina Homan WPOC109:27
9Kaden Earley (4) 113:22
10Debbie Stiles 165:11
Dean Augustin (3) Found 7 controls; finished at 86:50 DNF
Mary Sleppy No punch for control #2; finished at 108:58WPOCDSQ
Travis Reckner (4) Found 4 controls; finished at 166:45 DNF

Intermediate     4.7k      125m
1Brian Hettenbach 58:09
2James Fenn WPOC66:50
3Brian Ottinger 82:19
4Tom & Linda Gray WPOC95:29
5Naomi Jarvis WPOC100:56
6Andy Shissler (2) 107:41
Giuseppina MecchiaFound 7 controls; finished at 202:44WPOCDNF

Adv Short     3.9k       105m
1Joe LoganM55WPOC60:22
1Ryan Roppel 60:22
3Jim Burns (2) 64:42
4Brian Ottinger 65:10
5Rayden Sorock WPOC116:31
6Paul Sleppy WPOC155:26

Adv Long      6.9k         205m
1Katrina WeinmannW21WPOC74:28
2Andy Strat M21WPOC76:23
3Mark Vernon ROC82:49
4Alexis RzewskiM40WPOC89:11
5Edna Spang WPOC124:38
6Tim Spang WPOC125:12
7Phil (3) * 149:51
Jason Miller Out of order punching; finished at 133:21 DSQ