Brady's Run Park
Orienteering Meet
8 October 2017

On a warm day for October, we managed to squeeze an orienteering meet between Saturday night's thunderstorms and the remnants of hurricane Nate arriving late afternoon on Sunday; and we did this with no rain during the event.  We had a pretty good turnout, 45 starts with 71 participants with several groups going on more than one course.  Everyone seemed to have fun on Jennifer Livingston's courses.  There were very few DNFs, although we had a few missed or incorrect punches.  The only problems of note were the fact that I forgot to bring printed legends to the event (there was none on the map) and a family of two that went on a course without being processed through the start.  Nevertheless, I heard a lot of positive comments from the participants about the event and the courses.

We had one unusual component at this event:  a 3-part, one-person relay.  The structure was that at the end of each part, the competitor could choose to go to the finish or to go on to the next part.  That decision could be based on how tired the person was, how much time was left (there was a 3-hour limit), and what the next part looked  like (the competitor was allowed to look at it before deciding).  So, we had people do just one part, the first two parts or all three parts - see the results.  For people who did all three parts, the splits show the fastest time for each leg highlighted; this showed a surprising result as five of the seven participants were fastest on at least one leg.  It should also be noted that Todd Pownell, who did only two parts, would was faster on four of the legs than anyone who did all three parts.  (See the splits)

Thanks to Scott Zang & family, Sherry Shank, Jett Downey, and Laurie Opila for handling registration.  Thanks to Emma Livingston, Dave Battista, Russellyn Carruth and Joe Logan for running start/finish.  Thanks to Jen Livingston and Naomi Jarvis for doing instruction.  And thanks to Jen Livingston, Alexis Rzewski, Dave Battista, Sean Livingston, and Yaki Barak for doing control pickup.

To look at the splits, go here

To see the photos that Alexis Rzewski took, go  here

Our next event will be at Laurel Hill State Park on October 22.

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Beginner Novice Intermediate Relay 1 Only Relays 1&2 Relays All
Beginner      1.8k       40m
1Zane Stiles (2) 25:18
2Jared Madl (2) WPOC29:14
3Isaac Johnsen (2) 31:26
4Tim Smith (2) WPOC32:54
5Marcy Madl (2) 43:48
6John Marsh 46:19
7Janine Young (3) 47:48
8Michelle Hildreth (4) 51:06
9Loretta OpilaW65WPOC54:15
10Jennifer Cribbs (2) 58:53
11Robert Schilling (2) 66:30
12Don Hohman (7) 74:06
Family of TwoDNS

Novice         3.0k        105m
1 Team Jared (3) WPOC40:38
2Zang (3) 71:29
3Xiao Chang (3) 80:33
4RJ and Marcy 95:53
5The Krackens (3) WPOC96:50
6Giuseppina Mecchia WPOC96:55
7Don Homan (8) 100:58
8Christina Nowak 112:40
9Russellyn Carruth WPOC127:03
Emma Livingston Mispunched control #11; finished at 58:25WPOCDSQ
Ben Whitby (2) Found 6 controls; finished at 59:17 DNF
Kelly SottileFound 9 controls; finished at 185:05WPOCDNF

Intermediate   4.0k      205m
1Joe LoganM50WPOC77:20
2Sherry ShankW40WPOC106:09
3John Huffman WPOC115:33
Thomas Knapp Fount first 3 controls WPOCDNF
Bob Dawson (2) Found 10 controls; finished at 143:55 DNF
Derek Dawson (2) Found 8 controls DNF

Relay 1 Only    2.6k      120m
1Naomi and James (2) WPOC84:55
2Jett DowneyManually punched several controlsWPOC94:45
3Charlie George (2) 101:28
4Mark Puda WPOC184:51

Relays 1&2     4.7k      260m
1Todd Pownell NEEOC67:03
2Ryan Roppel (2) 145:41
3Alex Rudenko 154:46

Relays All      7.0k       380m
1Alexis RzewskiM40WPOC92:13
2Sydney Fisher SMOC101:54
3Dave Battista WPOC107:25
4Joseph Briggs 117:44
5Yaki BarakM50WPOC147:45
Katrina WeinmannNo punch for end of Relay 2; finished at 90:06WPOCDSQ
Kevin Fisher No punch for end of Relay 2; finished at 96:42SMOCDSQ