Boyce Park
Orienteering Meet
24 September 2017

It was an extremely hot day to do orienteering; temperature near 90 degrees.  Nevertheless, we had an impressive turnout:  55 starts with 124 participants.  There were considerably more beginners than expected which meant we had to draw half a dozen additional beginner course maps and do more instruction than usual.  Yaki Barak's courses (as well as the heat and vegetation) presented a formidable challenge to many of the participants.  This was our first event in which we had only one person complete the advanced long course.  Several people had particular difficulty on control 106 (on both advanced courses); however, most people on those courses did find it.  A lot of people brought back burr souvenirs from their course; but the vast majority of participants had a good time.

There was a mixed bag of small problems; all of which were dealt with without too much difficulty.  One control's position did not match the marking on the map; one family of four went on a course without  going through the start process; one person lost his glasses; one person's dog overheated; and a building sprang up where they was only a ruin before.

Thanks to Yaki Barak for designing and putting out the courses.  thanks to Dave Battista for vetting the courses.  Thanks to Barbara Johnstone, Laurie Opila, Naomi Jarvis and James Fenn for handling registration.  Thanks to Kelly Sottile and Jett Downey for helping with start/finish.  Thanks to Sherry Shank and Jen Livingston for providing instruction (Jen did this both shifts).  Thanks to Laurie for drawing additional maps.  And thanks to Alexis Rzewski, Joe Logan, Naomi Jarvis, and James Fenn for helping with control pickup (Alexis and Joe did this after running the Great Race).

You can see the splits here

Our next event will be at Brady's Run Park on October 8.

170924 Boyce Park
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Beginner Novice Intermediate Adv Short Adv Long
Beginner           2.5k         70m
1Wayne Sodowsky (2) 46:45
2Roger Myers (4) 50:23
3Debbie Stiles 52:18
4Hannah Hiller (2) 56:11
5Brody Nicholson (5) 56:16
6Susan Caro (2) 60:14
7Alyssa Chance (2) 69:11
8George Stevens 76:05
9Martin Zimmel (6) 83:13
10Hunter Basinger (4) 90:23
11Jonathan Neighbors (4) 92:22
12Autumn Skelton (5) 93:04
13Alesia Miller 94:45
14Travis Beckner (3) 111:20
15Joe Cornibe (3) 126:41
16Russellyn Carruth WPOC129:32
17Daniel Bifano (7) 135:51
18Rohan Kandala (2) 146:57
19Xander Hill & Parker Fox (3) 147:02
20Audrey Hayward (2) 147:37
Loretta Opila Mispunched #4; finished at 98:34WPOCDSQ
Chris Seiders Found all out of order;  finished at 103:07 DSQ
Family of FourDNS

Novice       3.6k         140m
1Andy Zucker (3) 64:24
2Eldar Khattatov (2) 66:54
3Margaret Biglan 76:33
4Jett Downey WPOC86:12
5Giuseppina & Luca WPOC87:22
6Nixons (2) WPOC96:14
7Pam Delgado (2) 99:20
8Christie Homan (2) WPOC100:41
9Nelson Caro (3) 103:44
10Hannah Hiller (2) 112:22
11Dana Bartosova (3) 117:19
12Mihir Hasabnis (2) 125:47
Kelly Sottile Found 4 controls; finished at 119:12WPOCDNF
Janowitz (2) Missed last control; finished at 151:04 DNF
Barbara Johnstone Found 5 controls;  finished at 90:57WPOCDNF

Intermediate      4.4k      185m
1Greg Kehne (2) 92:10
2Naomi & James WPOC115:00
3Mark Puda WPOC254:41
Mihir Hasabnis (2) Found 2 controls; finished at 122:21 DNF
Svetelana Sedova (3) Found 5 controls; finished at 137:42 DNF

Adv Short      3.8k       160m
1Irvins (2) 113:15
2Sherry Shank WPOC124:37
3Ryan Roppel 142:30
4Alex Rudenko (4) 150:33
Charles George Found 1 control; lost glasses; finished at 101:05 DNF

Adv Long       7.3k        270m
1Katrina Weinmann WPOC116:38
Alexis Rzewski WPOCDNF
Barbara Ann & Frank Eyth Found 8 controls; finished at 191:45 DNF
Bert Davis Found 9 controls; finished at 260:46 DNF
Mike Brown Found 13 controls; finished at 233:48 DNF
Shawn Kane (2) Found no controls; finished at 199:10 DNF
Gordon Huang Found 5 controls; finished at 166:09WPOCDNF