Keystone State Park
Orienteering Meet
10 September 2017

It was a bright sunny day with temperatures in the 60's, almost and ideal day for orienteering.   We had an unexpectedly large turnout for Keystone:  41 starts with 67 participants.  Part of this is attributable to a large group of CMU students who decided to try orienteering.  Generally, everyone seemed to enjoy the courses.  There was a little grumbling about one or two of the controls on the Advanced courses being difficult to get to.  However, the map notes warned about the green becoming thicker than the map showed; the leading orienteers did not seem to have any problems with those controls; and the winning times were about as expected.  On the Advanced Long (Red) course, the splits show that each of the first four who placed had multiple fastest legs - fastest legs are highlighted in red.

Two people on the Novice course did the course without punching at the start box.  Consequently, their overall times and split times were messed up.  In the results, the overall time was adjusted based on the time they started, as recorded on the start page.  But, this is an approximate time so the standings are not necessarily totally accurate.  Accumulated times on the splits page were not adjusted.

Thanks to Alexis Shank, Linda Gray, Naomi Jarvis, Kelly Sottile and Laurie Opila for handling registration.  Thanks to Tom Gray and Joe Logan for helping with start/finish.  Thanks to Sherry Shank and Naomi Jarvis for doing instruction.  And thanks to Gordon Huang, Jerry Agin, Alexis Rzewski and Yaki Barak for doing control pickup.

Found out on a trail:  A small child's hooded windbreaker.  Please contact Jim Wolfe if it may be you child's.

You can check out the splits here

You can see  the photos that Alexis Rzewski took here

Out next event will be at Boyce Park on September 24.

170910 Keystone
results created by Ór


Beginner Novice Intermediate Adv Short Adv Long
Beginner          2.2k       55m
1Margaret Biglan 24:47
2Joseph Briggs (5) 25:22
3Andy Zucker (5) 31:57
4Dana and Benmichael Idowu (3) 48:36
5Andrew Shissler (2) 54:28
6Ivan Ramirez (2) 65:26
7Loretta Opila WPOC74:46
8Kirill Kisilyov (2) 80:56
9Zutich (5) 96:40
Regina Pristas (4) Found 2 controls; finished at 64:09 DNF
Mary Sleppy Found 3 controls; finished at 49:12WPOCDNF

Novice      3.2k      95m
1Margaret BiglanTime is approximate; did not punch start57:21
2Nixon (2) 58:19
3Tom and Linda Gray (2) WPOC62:13
4Andrey Tatarinov (4) 98:25
5Christina Nowak time is approximate; did not punch start 148:13
Paul Sleppy Missed controls 5 and 6; finished at 49:51WPOCDSQ

Intermediate          4.2k     130m
1Mark Lattanzi A BROC40:26
2Greg Kehne (4) 88:19
3Lora Lattanzi BROC111:37
4David Yeager (2) WPOC123:46
5Andy Zucker (2) 132:49
6Bert Davis (2) 220:48
7Christie Homan (2) 231:21
Daqi Chen (4) Missed last control; finished at 174:58 DNF
Ulaky (2) Missed last control; finished at 252:16 DNF
Mark Puda Found 6 controls; finished at 231:04WPOCDNF
Julian Yeager (2) Missed control 2; finished at 171:06WPOCDSQ

Adv Short        3.9k       110m
1Joe Logan WPOC85:14
2Joseph Briggs (2) 159:03
Naomi Jarvis Found 1 cocntrol; finished at 74:30WPOCDNF

Adv Long        6.7k      210m
1Katrina Weinmann WPOC77:26
2Mark Lattanzi BROC79:23
3Sydney Fisher SMOC83:12
4Kevin Fisher SMOC89:54
5Alexis Rzewski WPOC109:59
6Gordon Huang WPOC158:17
7Yaki Barak WPOC163:45
7Alexis Shank (2) WPOC163:45
Jerry Agin Found 11 controls; finished at 137:08WPOCDNF
Ryan Roppel Missed controls 12 and 16; finished at 181:41 DSQ