Blue Spruce Park
Orienteering Meet
20 August 2017

It was a warm, sunny day, perhaps a little too warm for the late starters.  Nevertheless, everyone seemed to have a good time and liked the courses that Sherry Shank set.  A few people noted the thick vegetation in some places; but that is to be expected with August orienteering.  We had 35 starts with a total participation of 43 people.  The number of  beginner starts was rather disappointing; but the number of advanced starts was higher than expected and included several participants from other clubs.  Still, 35 starts is pretty good for an event this far from Pittsburgh.

If you look at the split times for the Advanced Long (Red) course, there is something unusual to note.  The fastest times for each leg of the two advanced courses are highlighted in red in the splits listing (link is given below).  For the Advanced Long course, five different participants were the fastest on at least one leg of the course; and the person who finished in first place was not one of them.  This can be attributed to two of the faster people being disqualified for mispunching one control.

Thanks to Laurie Opila, Rayden Sorock, and Eric Steinbring for running registration.  Thanks to Kelly Sottile and James Fenn for helping with start/finish.  Thanks to Yaki Barak, Alexis Shank, Gordon Huang, Jett Downey, and Sherry Shank for picking up the controls.

You can view the splits here

You can see the photos that Alexis Rzewski took here   Note:  only a few of the photos show participants.

The next WPOC sponsored event will be on September 10 at Keystone State Park.

170820 Blue Spruce
results created by Ór

Beginner Novice Intermediate Adv Short Adv Long
Beginner             2.1k             75m
1Carl Speer 26:17
2Tammy Greene (3) 49:02
3Margaret Biglan 64:12
Loretta Opila Found 5 controls; finished at 58:09WPOCDNF

Novice               3.6k              115m
1Alexis Rzewski WPOC37:56
2Naomi & James WPOC55:27
3Lora Lattanzi BROC57:37
4Carl Speer 58:23
5Joseph Briggs (2) 80:05
6Tom & Linda Gray WPOC88:09
7Giuseppina Mecchia WPOC98:57
8Christina Nowak 124:47
9Jamie Rosensteel (2) 158:17
10Kelly Sottile WPOC166:49
Eric Steinbring Found 3 controls; finished at 60:05WPOCDNF

Intermediate         4.2k          145m
1Philip Allen (2) 107:04
Tali Shalom Barak Found 4 controls; finished at 159:55WPOCDNF
Christy Homan (2) Found 2 controls; finished at 159:26 DNF

Adv Short            3.7k          150m
1Andy Strat (2) WPOC52:59
2Alexis Shank WPOC63:51
3Joe Logan WPOC81:40
4Rayden Sorock WPOC92:00
5Drew & Kayla Molchany 136:33
Ryan & Ramey Roppel Found 3 controls; finished at 103:00 DNF

Adv Long         6.3k           290m
1Ryan Knecht WPOC87:50
2Kevin Fisher SMOC88:02
3Katrina Weinmann WPOC89:11
4Sydney Fisher SMOC96:21
5Kevin Fleischmann 148:52
6Gordon Huang WPOC171:27
7Yaki Barak WPOC180:01
8Andy Mowrey WPOC187:48
Alexis Rzewski Mispunched control #14; finished at 88:48WPOCDSQ
Jett Downey Found 8 controls; finished at 222:09WPOCDNF
Mark Lattanzi Mispunched control #14; finished at 79:46BROCDSQ