Laurel Ridge S.P. Ski Area
Orienteering Meet
23 April 2017

It was an ideal day for the inaugral day of foot-orienteering at Laurel Ridge, temperature in the 50s with lots of sun.  We had  a pretty good turnout (58 people, 35 starts) for an event fairly far from Pittsburgh.  A mountain rescue course was going on in the building next to us; but we didn't manage to convince any of the participants to join the orienteering.

Jim Wolfe designed five courses on the relatively-flat, boulder-covered mountain top.  Everyone seemed to have a good time, despite the technical nature of the area.  On most areas we use, every noticeable boulder is mapped.  With Laurel Ridge having so many boulders, the map showed only those that were 3 feet or higher.  It took some of the the regular attendees a little while to get use to that.  There was one unusual "Shroud-of-Turin-occurrence" as a life-sized statue of Jesus was reported to be near one of the controls.  However, during control pickup, it was determined that Jesus had vanished.  Also, a mud-coated, water-logged cell phone was found on a trail.  We could no longer get it to function or even charge.  If you lost it, you probably don't want it back.

Thanks to Eric Steinbring, Linda Gray, Giuseppina Mecchia and Andy Karnavas for handling registration.  Thanks to Barbara Johnstone, Tom Gray and Luca Rzewski for running start/finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan for conducting instruction.  And thanks to Rayden Sorock, Jerry Agin, Jett Downey and Yaki Barak for doing control pickup.

If you want to check out the splits, click here

170423 Laurel Ridge
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Beginner Novice Intermediate Adv Short Adv Long
Beginner (White)      2.1k          75m
1Sandy Condie (4) WPOC41:48
2Matthew South (2) 43:05
3Barbara Johnstone WPOC47:10
4Russellyn Carruth WPOC67:55
5Curtis James (4) 79:37
Josh Chopak (4) Misunderstood control numbering; finished in 70:33 DNF
Barbara Jones Missed last control; finished in 74:26 DNF

Novice (Yellow)      3.6k           55m
1Team Bush (4) 70:57
2Luca Rzewski (2) WPOC74:45
3Fred Chenot (2) WPOC78:18
4Sandy Condie (4) WPOC82:55
5John Messina (5) 84:21
6Eric Steinbring WPOC102:18
7Christianne Proctor Homan (2) 126:38
Barbara Jones Did #2 out of order; finished in 138:56 DSQ
Christine Nowak (2) Missed control 9; finished in 154:25 DNF

Intermediate (Orange)        4.7k        110m
1James Fenn WPOC70:55
2Joe Logan WPOC72:47
3Andy Karnavas WPOC105:24
4Jett Downey WPOC105:56
5Anthony Travia 132:49
6Tom & Linda Gray WPOC142:16
7Michael Brown 159:25
Kelly Sottile Missed controls 9 and 10; finished in 239:55WPOCDNF
Dave Battista Found first 4 controls; finished in 46:00WPOCDNF

Adv Short (Brown)       4.1k        100m
1Dave Battista WPOC78:15
2Kayla Bling (2) 156:54
3Rayden Sorock WPOC160:05
4Lee Bash 188:25
Hunter Bash (4) Found first 3 controls; finished in  165:11 DNF

Adv Long (Red)          6.9k       135m
1Katrina Weinmann WPOC90:30
2Ryan Knecht WPOC95:32
3Yaki Barak WPOC174:34
4Jerry Agin WPOC185:37
5Naomi Jarvis (2) WPOC200:57