Laurel Ridge Ski Area
Ski Orienteering Meet
29 January 2017

This was our third attempt at having a ski-o event - last year's attempt was cancelled because there was no snow and this year we had the same problem on Jan 22, the original scheduled date for this event.  This time there was enough snow; in fact, some of it came just at we were getting started and caused some driving problems.  The turnout was quite small, perhaps because it was the alternate date, perhaps because we didn't advertise enough, perhaps because  there aren't that many orienteers nearby that also do cross-country skiing.  Whatever the reason(s), we had only 10 starts with a total turnout of 15 people.

Naomi Jarvis was meet director for the first time.  She designed three courses that all had appropriate winning times despite the few participants.  Everyone who participated was happy with the courses and had a good time on the trails.

Thanks to Mary & Paul Sleppy and Linda Gray for running registration.  Thanks to Laurie Opila for handling start/finish.  Thanks to Naomi Jarvis for providing ski instruction.  And thanks to James Fenn and Naomi Jarvis for doing control pickup.

Our next event is Raccoongaine on March 26 - the registration limit for that has already been reached.  The event after that is on April 9 at Deer Lakes Park and will our annual training day (free for everyone).

Short course                  1.8 km      7 controls

Name Notes Club Time
1 James Fenn   WPOC 26:17
2 Carla Komich (4)   60:00
3 Ron & Matt D'Alessanddro (3)   67:00
4 Jeremy, Josh, Lilly Viehland   69:19
5 Mary Sleppy   WPOC 77:11

Medium Course         3.6 km           9 controls

Name Notes Club Time
1 Tom Gray   WPOC 60:56
2 Novelli (2)   72:25
3 Paul Sleppy   WPOC 100:45

Long Course               5.2 km          13 controls
Name Notes Club Time
1 Jim Trautmann Not quite in order WPOC 63:52
2 James Fenn   WPOC 72:27