Laurel Hill State Park
Orienteering Meet
30 October 2016

The weather started off sunny; but rain was predicted for the afternoon; and it arrived just after 2 pm.  The weather forecast and the fact that Laurel Hill is one of our more distant locations for the people of Pittsburgh undoubted kept many of them from coming.  That was too bad because I regard Laurel Hill as one of the nicest orienteering areas we have.  39 people did participate, several of them  going out on more than one course.  There were 27 starts.

Everyone who managed to finish their course before the rain started definitely had a  good time.  Those that were soaked in one of the downpours were probably less thrilled to be there.  The courses seemed to work out well with winning times in the neighborhood of what was expected.  The only known injury was to Paul Humphreys who stepped on something that went through his shoe; nevertheless, he still raced through the Advanced Short course with blazing speed.

Thanks to Tali Shalom-Barak,  Tom & Linda Gray, and Laurie Opila for handling registration.  Thanks to Sherry Shank, Ryan Knecht, and Yaki Barak for helping with start/finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan for providing instruction.  And thanks to Yaki, Ryan, and Alexis Rzewski for doing control pickup.  A second thanks to Yaki for pickup because he was inadvertently given way too many controls to pick up.

Our final orienteering event of 2016 will be at Pine Ridge Park on November 13.  This event will be combined with the club's annual business meeting and our pot-luck social gathering.

You can view the split times for all participants on all courses at splits

Alexis took some photos at Laurel Hill (many of them are of control sites or the scenery); you can view them at Alexis' photos

161030 Laurel Hill
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Beginner Novice Intermediate Adv Short Adv Long
Beginner          2.1k            70m
1Nathan Barkley 27:55
2Eric Steinbring & Beth Morgan WPOC51:11
3Don Brewer (5) 66:19
4Girl Scouts (6) 100:38

Novice            3.3k           75m
1Sherry & Alexis WPOC30:10
2Faith Bailey (2) 44:42
3Emma Livingston (2) WPOC55:53
4Nathan Barkley 56:54
5Dennis & Gayle Gibson WPOC70:54
6Eric & Beth WPOC77:33
7Mary Sleppy WPOC91:37

Intermediate      4.6k       110m
1Alexis Shank WPOC59:51
2Alexis Rzewski WPOC71:37
3Paul Sleppy WPOC105:35
4Tom & Linda Gray WPOC107:33
5Luca & Giuseppina WPOC115:06
6Tali Barak WPOC119:21
Sergey Sklyar (2) Did not go to finish; returned in 155:49 DNF

Advanced Short      4.2k       125m
1Paul Humphreys WPOC34:37
2Sherry & Alexis Shank WPOC58:11
3Rayden Sorock WPOC77:55
Loretta Opila Found first 6 controls in 71:08WPOCDNF

Advanced Long      8.0k       180m
1Ryan Knecht WPOC81:58
2Yaki Barak WPOC128:56
3Alexis Rzewski WPOC132:06
4Joe Logan WPOC136:01
Michael Brown Missed last 3 controls; finished in 191:00 DNF