William D. Boyce Park
Orienteering Meet
16 October 2016

It was an unusually warm October day, temperatures in the low 70's with lots of sunshine.  Andy Strat designed two beginner and two advanced sprint courses and there was a lot of participation on each of them.

Turnout for the sprints was excellent; we had 109 people participate in 64 starts.  Only 5 groups did both beginner sprints; 7 individuals did both advanced sprints; and 2 groups did one beginner and one advanced sprint.  The map fee entitled everyone to two sprints; but the heat or a late start may have prevented more from doing a second sprint.  Everyone seemd happy with the courses, although a few people did return covered in burrs.   With only one DNF and one DSQ, a lot of first-time orienteers and expected winning times, the courses were definitely a success.

Thanks to Joe Logan for vetting the courses.  Thanks to Joe, Tali Shalom-Barak, James Fenn and Laurie Opila for running registration.  Thanks to Giuseppina Mecchia and Joe for helping with start/finish.  Thanks to Sherry Shank and Naomi Jarvis for handling instruction.  And thanks to Yaki Barak, Katrina Weinmann, and Alexis Rzewski for doing control pickup.

You can see the splits for each course  here ; the fastest leg times are in red.

You can see Alexis' photos from the event here

Our next event will be at Laurel Hill State Park on October 30.

161016 Boyce Park
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Beginner 1 Beginner 2 Advanced 1 Advanced 2
Beginner 1            2.4k               70m
NameNotesClub       Time
1Andy Zucker (7) 30:53
2Faith Bailey (2) 38:45
3Bert Davis (2) 45:10
4Lydia Mcshane 47:05
5Susan Caro (3) 47:19
6John Huffman (2) WPOC51:05
7Barbara Jones (2) 57:38
8Ben Tarquinio (8) 60:52
9Nathan Lovett-Genovese  WPOC71:02
10Marsha Lovett (2) WPOC71:11
11Ryan Tibshirani (2) 71:21
12Christee Homan (2) 78:29
13Kathleen Franklin (4) 81:29
14Lauren Scein (5) 81:34
15Celissia McColough (4) 82:35
16Gibson (2) 83:15
17Joe Cornibe (6) 95:05
18Paula Stonebraker (2) 106:08

Beginner 2            2.5k                110m
NameNotesClub       Time
1Paul Humphreys WPOC19:35
2Juan Carlos Cornejo (3) 42:37
3Jett Downey  WPOC42:40
4Robert Graham 47:14
5Larisa Thorne 55:42
6Andy Mowrey (2) 58:57
7Gibson (2) 62:41
8Abel Sun 73:53
9Susan Caro (3) 75:46
10Marc Pekor (2) 79:26
11Caleb Drayer (2) 80:01
11Barbara Jones (2) 80:01
13Steven Stetzer (2) 80:04
14Bishop Morrison (5) 84:43
15Christee Homan (2) 84:48
16Noah Michael (5) 156:59
Chingwen Yu (2) Found 5 controls in 42:40 DNF

Advanced 1             3.2k                110m
NameNotesClub         Time
1Dave Battista WPOC32:45
2Katrina Weinmann WPOC34:41
3Alexis Rzewski WPOC37:18
4Andy Zucker (5) 45:39
5Yaki Barak WPOC52:06
6Sherry Shank WPOC52:55
7James Fenn WPOC68:02
8Lisa Storey (2) 69:19
9Hazelton (2) WPOC71:30
10Rayden Sorock WPOC75:30
11Evan Rowles (2) 77:02
12Joel Kennedy 78:20
13Naomi Jarvis (2) WPOC79:52
14Brigitte Busch (4) 84:54
15Bert Davis (2) 96:41
16Loretta Opila WPOC98:28
17Guiseppina Mecchia WPOC109:24
Stephen Brown Missed 2 controls; finished in 61:28WPOCDSQ

Advanced 2          3.0k           160m
NameNotesClub       Time
1Dave Battista WPOC27:38
2Katrina Weinmann WPOC29:31
3Alexis Rzewski WPOC36:27
4Yaki Barak WPOC44:39
5Sherry Shank WPOC58:21
6Eric Wildman (2) 60:16
7Rayden Sorock WPOC60:36
8Stephen Brown WPOC62:56
9Joel Kennedy 76:50
10Jett Downey (2) WPOC79:39
11Tali Shalom-Barak WPOC112:47