Yellow Creek State Park (south side of lake)
21 August 2016
Orienteering Meet

The weather forecast probably kept some people away.  It did rain the night before and pretty much right up to the start of the event; but during the event there were only a few brief showers.  Naturally, the woods and the fields were totally wet, as was everyone who returned from a course.  Nevertheless, we did have 30 starts with a total of 44 participants.  This was a better turnout than we thought we would get.

Al  Sheaffer was meet director; he designed five courses to challenge the participants.  And they were challenged, partly because several on the intermediate and advanced long course probably should have been on an easier course.  But the only negative comments I heard were of the nature of "we did a 180 here" or "I misinterpreted something on the map here".  Everyone seemed to like the courses, although I'm sure the wet conditions got to them after a while.

Thanks to Christy Freeman, Giuseppina Mecchia, Tom Gray, Linda Gray and Laurie Opila for running registration.  Thanks to Barbara Johnstone, Ryan Knecht and James Fenn for doing start/finish.  Thanks to Naomi Jarvis for helping with instruction.  And thanks to Paul Humphreys, Tom Gray, Linday Gray, Eric Steinbring and Ryan Knecht for doing control pickup.

To see everyone's splits, go to splits

To see photos that Alexis Rzewski took at the event, go to Alex's photos

Our next event will be at North Park (our first event there) on Septenber 10.

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White - Begin Yellow-Novice Orange-Intermediate Brown-Adv Sh Red-Adv Long
White - Beginner2.2k      50m   10 controls
1Karen Obryon 46:54
2Christy Freeman WPOC48:06
3Sleppy (2) 59:13

Yellow-Novice3.2k     105m    10 Controls
1Beck (4) WPOC98:13
2Giuseppina & Luca Also punched two beginner controlsWPOC114:03
3Ward (3) WPOC115:42
Sleppy (2) Found 9 controls in 122:35 DSQ
Barbara Johnstone Found 4 controls in 57:27; no finishWPOCDNF
Wilson (3) Found all controls but out of order in 124:25; no finish DNF

Orange-Intermediate4.8k    110m   11 Controls
1Andy & Tonya WPOC91:37
2Kevin Fleischmann 143:46
3Hazelton (2) WPOC147:41
Laura & Angelo Theofanous Found 4 controls in 126:56; no finish DNF
Juan Carlos Cornejo Found 5 controls in 76:42; no finish DNF
Lauren Mack Found 2 controls in 79:16; no finish DNF
Loadman Family (3) Found 5 controls in 137:51, not in order; no finish DNF

Brown-Advanced Short3.8k   105m    8 Controls
1Kirill Kiselyov 85:49
2Naomi Jarvis WPOC103:10
James Fenn Found 5 controls in 49:42; no finishWPOCDNF
Laurie Opila Found 4 controls in 89:47; no finishWPOCDNF
Tom & Lindia Gray Found 6 controls in 71:03; no finishWPOCDNF

Red-Advanced Long7.1k    200m   14 controls
1Ryan Knecht WPOC99:02
2Alexis Rzewski WPOC118:23
3Katrina Weinmann WPOC128:06
4Tim Spang WPOC143:04
5Edna Spang WPOC147:41
6Gordan Huang WPOC195:58
Paul Humphreys Found 11 controls in 123:36WPOCDSQ
Ryan Roppel Found 9 controls in 157:11, not in order; no finish DNF
Casey Leonard Found 9 controls in 141:16; no finish DNF