Keystone State Park
22 May 2016
Orienteering Meet

It was a wet day, raining lightly in the morning before the start and sprinkling on and off during the event.  The temperature was reasonable; but everyone was guaranteed to get wet.  The turnout was good for such bad weather and the fact that a number of the regulars had conflicts of various kinds and could not make it.  We had 36 starts with a total attendance of 64.

Jim Wolfe designed the courses.  The only course to cause problems was the Novice (Yellow) one.  It was known ahead of time that two of the controls would be difficult for a novice so course notes were provided to explain how to find these controls.  The people who had problems were the ones who did not read the notes.  We had one unfortunate occurrence as someone vandalized one control and took the control box.  This caused 3 groups on the beginner course to initially appear to DNF before the control box was replaced; however, the groups are credited with visiting their 9th control in the results below.  Everyone on the longer  courses  seemed to like the courses.

Thanks to Christy Freeman, Yaki Barak, Laurie Opila, and Alexis Rzewski for running registration.  Thanks to Sherry Shank, Eric Steinbring, and  Andy Strat for managing start/finish.  Thanks to Alexis for doing some instruction.  And thanks to Gordon Huang, Andy Strat, Alexis Rzewski, and Ryan Knecht for doing control pickup.

If you want to see the splits for the participants, go to splits

To see the photos that Alexis took at the event, go to photos

Our next event will be at Frick Park on June 12; it is the last event of the Spring season.

160522 Keystone SP
results created by Ór


Beginner Novice Intermediate Adv. Short Adv. Long
Beginner          2.0k              55m
1Meghan MaloneCredited for #938:38
2Reid and Melanie Rotzler (3)Credited for #946:39
3Troop 184 (8) 59:24
4Mark Rose (2) 59:32
5Gelen (2)Credited for #967:42
6Patty Niedfeldt (2) 70:21
7Theofanous (2) 77:53
Matt McConnell (3)Missed last control; finished in 47:25DSQ
Denice Noble (2)Missed last control; finished in 47:26DSQ
Novice             3.2k           125m
1Alexis Rzewksi WPOC76:22
2Jennifer Livingston (2) WPOC105:08
3Mike Edinger (2) 117:41
4Eric Steinbring WPOC121:07
5Christy Freeman WPOC122:20
6Edinger 2 (2) 143:24
Anne Hussman Found 4 controls in 94:05 DNF
Troop 184 (8) Found 3 controls; did not go to finish DNF
The Slow Group (4) Found 8 controls in 100:11 DNF
Intermediate            4.5k          135m
1Youngmin and Joe (2) 79:38
2Kiselyov 80:58
3Meghan Malone 117:15
4Greene (3) 149:30
5David Ross 150:32
Smell the Roses (2) Found 5 controls in 201:04WPOCDNF
Megan Leonard (3) Found 4 controls; did not go to finish DNF
Adv. Short           3.9k           90m
1Ryan Roppel 95:32
2Sherry Shank WPOC98:08
3Andrew and Kayla (2) 108:48
Laurie Opila Found 5 controls; did not go to finishWPOCDNF
Adv. Long           7.2k            195m
1Katrina Weinmann 96:53
2Tom Strat QOC109:24
3Yaki Barak WPOC139:53
4Diane Lorenz (3) 201:59
5Gordon Huang WPOC209:09
Alexis Rzewski Found 14 cocntrols in 104:12WPOCDNF
Rayden Sorock Found 4 controls; did not go to finishDNF