Mingo Creek Park
10 April 2016
Orienteering Meet

It was a very cold day; there was still snow in some spots; the temperature made it to 40 late in the day and the wind kept blowing.  Nevertheless, we still had a respectable turnout with 35 starts (56 total people) and quite a few newcomers.

Jim Wolfe designed the courses, most of which turned out as expected.  It was anticipated that the Novice (yellow) course would be somewhat slow; this was indeed the case.  However, the other courses had winning times that were close to those expected.  This was the first time the club offered an Advanced Short (Brown) course in a long time; many of the people who wanted to limit their time on the course tried it and liked the result.  All of the comments that I heard were positive, even about the water which it was feared might be frozen because it was put out the day before; but it remained liquid, although very cold.

Thanks to Sherry Shank, Loretta Opila, Ryan Knecht and Naomi Jarvis for running registration.  Thanks to Tali Shalom-Barak and James Fenn for helping with registration.  Thanks to Joe Logan and Andy Strat for doing instruction.  Also, thanks to Andy Strat for helping put out controls on Sunday.  Thanks to Gordon Huang, Yaki Barak and Ryan Knecht for helping with control pickup.

The next WPOC event is our annual training day.  It is a free event for everyone.  There will be two beginner instructions sessions at 11 am and 1 pm; one intermediate instruction session at noon; and three advanced exercises.  The event is at Deer Lakes Park on  April 24.

You can see Alexis' photos from the event here

You can see the split times for each person here

160406 Mingo Creek
results created by Ór

Beginner Novice Intermediate Adv. Short Adv. Long
Beginner (White)    2.3k             50m
1Laura Adams (2) 37:12
2Dennis Gibson (2) 64:10
3Anne Hussman 68:03
4Theofanous (2) 77:11
Lori Ritchey Missed last control; finished in 96:28 DNF
Amber Kelly (3) Found 2 controls; finished in 49:07 DNF
John Driver (3) Did course backward; finished in 94:19 DNF

Novice (Yellow)   3.6k        115m
1Tali Shalom-Barak WPOC82:42
2Jill Buckley 97:42
3Laura Adams (2) 101:25
4Smell the Roses (2) WPOC102:41
5Ed Daerr 106:06
6Glenn Cotrell (2) WPOC107:13
7Rayden Sorock (3) WPOC154:46

Intermediate  (Orange)   4.3k      160m
1Alex Dye 59:38
2Kirill Kiselyov 77:39
3Kyle Ferkett (6) 134:33
4Scott Briggs (6) 141:17
5Andrew Molchany 141:38
6Andy Karnavas (2) 153:37

Adv. Short  (Brown)   3.5k     155m
1Ryan Knecht WPOC35:46
2Joe Logan WPOC55:01
3James Fenn WPOC67:13
4Sherry Shank WPOC67:18
5Stephen Brown WPOC71:34
6Raden Sorock 73:33
7Naomi Jarvis WPOC79:58
8Loretta Opila WPOC122:58
Andy Karnavas (2) Missed last 2 controls; finished in 88:48 DNF

Adv. Long  (Red)   6.7k    215m
1Andy Strat WPOC74:05
2Katrina Weinmann 76:25
3Alexis Rzewski WPOC114:03
4Yaki Barak WPOC117:34
5Gordon Huang WPOC152:17
Ryan Roppel (2) Missed 3 controls; finished in 223:30 DNF