Boyce Park
Orienteering Meet
25 October 2015

Although we had a brisk wind much of the day, the weather conditions for orienteering were very good (temperature in the mid  50's with overcast turning to sunny).  We had a good turnout with 80 participants and 40 starts.  We  even managed to draw in one person from Ohio.

Yaki Barak designed three rather challenging courses; nevertheless, there was only one DNF at the whole event.  This is a difficult task to accomplish.  The Score course was particularly challenging as it ranged over nearly all of the park.  We knew that no one would reach all of the score controls in the alloted time (100 minutes).  However, when Alexis left, he told us he was going to all of the controls; he did; but finished nearly 25 minutes late, losing 250 points at the 10 points/minute penalty.   Everyone seemed to enjoy the courses; I heard no negative comments at all.

Thanks to Tali Shalom-Barak, Giuseppina Mecchia, Johan Holm and Laurie Opila for managing registration.  Thanks to Barbara Johnstone and John Notte for helping with start/finish.  Thanks to Sherry Shank and Naomi Jarvis for handling instruction.  And thanks to Alexis Rzewski, Johan Holm, Stephen Brown, Naomi Jarvis and John Notte for dealing with control pickup.

To see the splits for the courses, click here

If you would like to see Alexis Rzewski's photos from the event, click here

Our next event will be our last event of 2015; it is at Pine Ridge Park on November 8 and will be held in conjunction with our annual membership meeting.

151025 Boyce Park
results created by Ór

White Yellow Score

White       2.3k        90m

1Mike Edinger (3) 48:08
2Ken Janowitz (5) 58:44
3Niedfeldt (4) 65:32
4Michael George (2) 74:59
5Aaqib (3) 82:34
6Joel Fleming (9) 90:41
7Flavio Chamis (4) 102:39
8Lisa Snow WPOC108:27
Kit Eagon Missed last 2 controls; finished in 76:00 WPOCDNF

Yellow        4.1k        130m

NameNotesClub          Time
1Johan Holm WPOC56:17
2Roger Stoffregen WPOC70:03
3Luca Rzewski WPOC75:07
4John Huffman WPOC76:44
5Fred Chenot (2) WPOC81:47
6Jett Downey (2) WPOC88:08
7Peri Unligil (3) 113:33
8Verinica Caro (3) 114:35
9Rayden Sorock WPOC119:36
10Stephanie Corey 119:41
11Loretta Opila WPOC121:18
12Sergey Sklyar (2) 126:51
13Barbara Johnstone (2) WPOC128:04
14Nelson Caro (3) 129:43
15Pina Mecchia WPOC142:46
16Tali Shalom Barak WPOC152:04
17Tammy Greene (3) 154:00

Score  100 minutes 23 controls 720 points possible     

NameClassClub         Time        Score Gross ScorePenalty
1Greg Gyorgyi 97:516006000
2Dave Battista WPOC98:485105100
3Alexis Rzewski 124:56470720250
4Anneliese Steuben WPOC98:144404400
5Mike & Diane Lorenz WPOC99:054204200
6Julian Yerger (2) WPOC99:592502500
7Naomi Jarvis & John Notte WPOC107:4624032080
8Sherry Shank WPOC89:392302300
9Tom & Linda Gray WPOC97:231701700
10Richard Davies NEEOC102:2014017030
11Bethann Eyth (2) 120:55110320210
11James Fenn WPOC81:581101100
13Ellen Yerger WPOC91:1860600
14Stephen Brown WPOC127:3510290280