Keystone State Park
Orienteering Meet
20 September 2015

It was a really nice day for orienteering, sunny, temperature in the low 60's much of the time.  Considering that this event conflicted with a Steelers home game, we had a good turnout:  37 starts, 75 participants.  It was national Orienteering Day so newcomers participated free - we had a fair number of them; they kept both instructors busy during the first 90 minutes.

Joe Logan was meet director.  He designed two very different white courses for the newcomers to try:  one was very flat and mostly in the open; the other was almost totally in the forest and included a lot of climb.  Only one father-son team tried both white courses.  The yellow course had the most entries and was the most competitive with four participants within 6 minutes of the winning time.  The score course had an unusual structure which forced runners to decide whether they were fast enough to go for a group of controls with high point values that were far separated from the rest of the course.  No one was expected to clear the entire course; although Alexis visited all but one score control, he was also more than 30 minutes late in returning.  In the end, there was a tie for most points; however Havard was 8 minutes faster than Jim.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the courses, whichever one they tried.  Results are shown below.

Thanks to Yaki Barak, Eric Steinbring, Laurie Opila and Tali Shalom Barak for handling registration.  Thanks to Linda Gray and Barbara Johnstone for helping with start/finish.  Thanks to Sherry Shank, Tom Gray, Naomi Jarvis and Joe Logan for providing instruction.  And thanks to Dave Battista, Paul Humphreys, Alexis Rzewski, Jett Downey and her friend for helping with control pick up.

Our next event will be at Stackhouse Park in Johnstown on October 4.

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150920 Keystone
results created by Ór


White-Lake White-Hill Yellow Score

White-Lake      2.3k        30m

1Jett Downey (2) WPOC31:07
2Jill Brazill (3) 35:17
3Barbara Johnstone (2) WPOC43:09
4John Huffman (2) 51:27
5Justine Jacob (2) 57:01
6Patty Neidfeldt (3) 59:12
7Rob Deemer (8) 80:46
Judith Scanlon (2) When out of order; finished in 48:14 DSQ
Adam Hickinbothem (4) Missed last control; finished in 49:42 DNF
Teri Loadman (2) Missed last control; finished in 57:39 DNF

White-Hill       2.3k         110m

1Jack Molchany (3) 50:32
2John Huffman (2) 58:48
3Andy Rose (2) 60:54
4Devon Taylor (2) 67:47
5Jenny Johnson 89:09
6Jennifer Model (2) 104:03

Yellow         3.5k        65m

1Linda & Tom Gray WPOC72:05
2Loretta Opila WPOC72:08
3Ellen Yerger (3) 75:46
4Eric Steinbring WPOC78:27
5Giuseppina Mecchia (3) WPOC86:56
6Tali Shalom Barak WPOC92:50
7 Andrew Sedgewick (4) WPOC108:29
8Nelson Caro (3) 108:40
9Tatyana Sklyar(2) 126:22
10Lauren Attwood (3) 129:34
Noah Gresh (3) Missed last 2 controls; finished in 98:19 DNF

Score  90 Minutes 250 points possible     

NameNotesClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
1Jim Trautmann WPOC84:081751750
1Havard Klokkerud 76:071751750
3Paul Humphreys WPOC88:591651650
4Dave Battista WPOC90:041501555
5Yaki Barak WPOC88:021251250
6Bethann Eyth (2) 91:149510510
7Alexis Rzewski WPOC120:5590245155
8Sherry Shank WPOC84:0085850
8Rayden Sorock WPOC79:1385850
10Naomi Jarvis WPOC86:3775750