Blue Spruce Park
Orienteering Meet
9 August 2015

With a temperature about 80 and mostly blue skys, we had a rather low turnout for our first event of the fall season.  Very few of the usual suspects from Pittsburgh decided to come to this event for some reason.  We had only 23 starts with a total of  35 participants - no wonder Ryan had to really struggle to get volunteers to help.

Sherry Shank designed some very challenging courses; that was the consensus for the Yellow course; and it was clear from the results that it also applied to the Score course.  The Score course consisted of 32 controls (8 worth 10 points each, 8 worth 20 each, 8 worth 30 each, and 8 worth 40 each) for a total possible of 800 points.  No one reached more than 21 of these controls in the 100 minutes allowed, although our winner (Paul Humphreys) clearly tried to stick with higher valued controls on his route.  Many participants chose routes or partial routes that were similar to Paul's.  There were three controls on Score that on one went to (6 which probably had too much climb to be worth the effort,  9 which was in the middle of nowhere, and 29 which was too far out of the way to be worth the effort).

Thanks to Tali Shalom-Barak, Christy Freeman, Ryan Knecht and Laurie Opila for handling registration.  Thanks to Al Sheaffer and Joe Logan for doing instruction and to Jen Livingston for doing some impromptu tutoring.  Thanks to Yaki Barak and Jen Livingston for helping with start/finish.  And thanks to Sherry Shank, Ryan Knecht and Al Sheaffer for helping with control pickup.

Results are shown below; to see splits for the various courses click here

The next WPOC sponsored event will be at Mingo Creek Park on August 30.

150809 Blue Spruce
results created by Ór


White Yellow Score
White   2.4k      80m     8 controls
1Ian Livingston (2) WPOC54:11
2Keara Cash (2) 63:58
3Andrea Heinle 72:39
4Fay Marshall (3) 77:51
Jonas Scanga Found 4 controls in 82:32 DNF
Kathy Kane (2) Found 6 controls in 71:31 DNF

Yellow      3.2k       120m      12 controls
1Al Sheaffer WPOC65:48
2Ellen Yerger (2) 71:34
3Loretta Opila WPOC91:25
4Christy Freeman WPOC97:54
5Eric Steinbring WPOC100:20
6Tali Shalom-Barak WPOC113:59
7Tressa Wright (4) 121:41
Team Swank (3) Mispunched control #1; finished in 114:33 DSQ
Linda Geissler (2) Found 8 controls in 91:54WPOCDNF

Score  100 minutes 32 controls       

800 points possible

NameNotesClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
1Paul Humphreys WPOC100:0459060010
2Yaki Barak WPOC102:3841044030
3Ryan Knecht WPOC89:563703700
4Joe Logan WPOC95:293103100
5Gordon Huang WPOC101:2521023020
6Rayden Sorock 102:0817020030
7Neil Dolinger NEEOC91:121501500
8Jett Downey WPOC85:361001000