Yellow Creek State Park (South Side)
Orienteering Meet
7 June 2015

It was an exceptionally nice day for orienteering, perhaps a little warm in the afternoon.  Nevertheless, the turnout for the event was fairly low; we had only 31 starts with 49 participants.  As this was our first use of Yellow Creek South for a daytime event; we had hoped for a better showing.

Jim Wolfe was meet director.  He designed some very challenging courses.  The orange course in particular seemed to be extremely difficult based on the results.  However, it was probably more of a case of participants jumping in over their heads rather than any control placement problems.  Most of the DNFs took well over an hour to reach the fifth control; the only person to complete the course reached that point in about 22 minutes.

Thanks to Christy Freeman, Eric Steinbring and Tom & Linda Gray for handling registration.  Thanks to Ryan Knecht for helping with start/finish.  Thanks to Sherry Shank and Laurie Opila for covering instruction.  Thanks to Joe Logan, Ryan Knecht, Naomi Jarvis and Curt Mertz for picking up controls.  And thanks to Ryan Knecht for making some "Public Welcome" signs to try to attract passers-by to our events.

Results are posted below; you can also follow this link to see everyones splits for their courses.

Alexis Rzewski has posted some photos from the event here  Many are photos of control locations; but there is also a photo of his winning route on the red course.

Our next event, the first of the Fall season, will be at Blue Spruce Park on August 9.  We will be using a new map of that park.

150607 Yellow Creek South
results created by Ór


White Yellow Orange Red

White   2.1k   55m
1Brett Johns (2) 27:04
2Tom & Linda Gray WPOC41:08
3Elizabeth Downey WPOC78:53

Yellow   3.4k   110m
1Luca Rzewski (2) WPOC79:37
2Tom & Linda WPOC82:30
3Sherry Shank WPOC84:44
4Loretta Opila WPOC91:52
5Elizabeth Downey WPOC92:56
6Rock Martin (2) 93:04
7Andrew Molchany (2) 94:35
8Rayden Sorock 108:40
9Brad Molchany (3) 113:11
10Joe Weltner (7) WPOC116:30
11Steve Higginson (5) 117:21
12Christy Freeman WPOC129:25
Eric Steinbring Found 7 controls:  96:33WPOCDNF
Curt Mertz Missed 3 controls:  74:32WPOCDNF

Orange   5.1k   110m
1Ryan Knecht WPOC94:26
Sue & Shannon Found 2 non-sequential controls:  94:22 DSQ
Matt Murphy Found 3 controls:  93:13 DNF
Emma & Sean Livingston (3) Found 6 controls:  135:25WPOCDNF
Andrew Sedgewick (2) Found 7 controls:  90:35 DNF
Loretta Opila Found 5 controls:  90:12WPOCDNF

Red   7.5k  240m
1Alexis Rzewski WPOC96:14
2Anneliese Steuben WPOC120:11
3Joe Logan WPOC157:28
4Tim Spang WPOC164:06
5Edna Spang WPOC197:44
6Yaki Barak WPOC198:11
7Naomi Jarvis WPOC225:52
Gordon Huang Missed last control:  271:19WPOCDNF