Frick Park
Orienteering Meet
17 May 2015

The day started out very wet from the morning rain.  However, it did not rain during the meet nor after during pickup.  The woods were still wet and slippery, especially on the steep slopes of which Frick has many.  The weather may have looked too threatening for some people; the attendance was far below what we have had at past Frick events.  There was probably also a lot of other things competing for the attention of potential participants.  We had 45 starts with 84 participants; past attendance was at least twice this.

Andy Strat was meet director.  He designed some very challenging courses judging by the finishing times.  Generally, only one or two people finished with a "good" time on each course; with no really good time on the orange course.  Certainly, the climbs had something to do with this.  It is very difficult at Frick to have courses with reasonable climbs.  Despite the climb and the times, the only complaints that I heard were from people who returned after the courses closed at 3:30 and they were unable to find a control that had already been taken down.  Naomi Jarvis won the prize for returning the scruffiest punch card as she tested the limits of Tyvek.

Thanks to Alexis Rzewski for vetting the courses.  Thanks to Giuseppina Mecchia, Jen Livingston, Emma Livingston, James Fenn and Laurie Opila for handling registration.  Thanks to Barbara Johnstone, Anneliese Steuben and Naomi Jarvis for running start/finish.  Thanks to Stephen Brown, and Sherry Shank for conducting instruction.  And thanks to Yaki Barak, Joe Logan, Naomi Jarvis, James Fenn, and Andy Strat for picking up the controls.

Our next event (last one of the Spring season) will be Yellow Creek State Park on June 7.

To see photos taken by Alexis Rzewski, go here

White Course        2.4 km     90 m climb     9 controls

Elizabeth Downey   44:46
Samantha Jaeger & Andrew Sedgewick   52:37
Roger Stoffregen & Patty Murtha WPOC 59:02
Kirsten & Erin   75:56
Amado & Silvester (7)   84:48
Tammy Greene (2)   86:30
Odhner   93:00
Mike & Max Edelstein   101:15
Ann & Webster   112:51
Jeffrey & Co (3)   184:59
Harly (Team Pizza) (4)  - could not get last control, finished in 126:20   DNF
Tim Williams - found one control in 28:20   DNF
Fullenkamp - no punch card returned   DSQ

Yellow Course       3.1 km     110 m climb    11 controls

Teague Ruder   48:40
Craig & Sarah   81:55
Mike Kerna   87:10
Emma Livingston (2) WPOC 94:50
Jeremy Brewer (3)   102:42
Todd & Ace Shirley   106:19
Hockheiser (2)   125:12
Elizabeth Downey   126:02
Smell the Roses (2) WPOC 143:50
Paul DeVito (2)   147:36
Troop 399 Thor (4) BSA 200:50
Joe Weltner (2) WPOC 227:35
Troop 399 Loki (2) BSA 228:20
Kirill Kiselyov - missed last contol, finished in 78:38   DNF
Tali Shalom-Barak - missed control #3, finished in 122:19 WPOC DNF

Orange Course        3.7 km     245 m climb   15 controls

Luca Rzewski (3) WPOC 149:44
Sherry Shank WPOC 150:08
De Vleeschouwer (5)   171:49
Michael, Yo Hei, Will   233:40
Rayden Sorock   233:48
Jerome Pesenti (2)  - could not get control #14, finished in  118:12   DNF
Alexander Preobrazheivsky  - found 7 controls, finished in 90:15 COOC DNF
Laurie Opila - found 3 controls, finished in 75:12 WPOC DNF

Red Course        6.0 km      315 m climb     18 controls

Anneliese Steuben WPOC 93:54
Paul Humphreys WPOC 97:41
Keith Irvin   161:26
Kevin Tucker   167:15
Yaki Barak WPOC 183:21
Beth Ann   189:20
Stephen Brown - could not get last two controls, finished in 183:30 WPOC DNF
Gordon Huang -  did not get last two controls, finished in 192:43 WPOC DNF
Naomi Jarvis & James Fenn - could not get last two controls, finished in 278:10 (including 2 hr stop to volunteer) WPOC DNF