Brady's Run Park
Orienteering Meet
25 April 2015

It was quite a chilly day for late April; but that didn't deter a lot of people from coming to our first event at Brady's Run Park (at least 124 people, 53 official starts).  Many of those who came needed some instruction; so, it kept two instructors busy most of the time.  Naturally, those who needed instruction went out on the white course.  This resulted in us running out of pre-drawn white course maps near the end of the meet.  Fortunately, Jen Livingston managed to draw a couple of extra maps and to borrow a couple from people who had already done the course; so we were only slightly short.  The one down side to having so many newcomers show up is that not all of them followed the proper procedures for going out on a course - they skipped the start and just left on their own as soon as they got a map; so there were a few more people that show up in the official count.

Jen Livingston was the meet director.  Her designs for the white and yellow courses worked out especially well as there was only one DNF on each of these courses.  The score course was quite challenging due to the steepness of the terrain and the slipperiness of the hillsides.  No one managed to get all of the score course points in the 90 minutes allowed, although Alexis Rzewski came close.

Thanks to Joe Logan for vetting the courses.  Thanks to Barbara Johnstone, Laurie Opila, James Fenn and Ryan Knecht for handling registration.  Thanks to Sherry Shank and Joe Logan for helping with start/finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan, Jen Livingston and Naomi Jarvis for providing instruction.  And thanks to Ryan Knecht, Yaki Barak, Andy Strat and Joe Logan for picking up the controls at the end.

Results of the event can be seen below;  go here for splits

You can also see the photos that Alexis took at the event by going here

The next WPOC orienteering event will be at Frick Park on May 17.

150425 Bradys Run
results created by Ór

White Yellow 90 Min Score
White2.0k 60m
1Ryan KnechtWPOC16:57
2Zach Altenbaugh (5) 45:55
3Randy McClure (2) 49:53
4Rhema McClure 49:56
5Eric McGrosky (3) 53:54
6Jim Hildreth (3) 56:11
7Sue Oram (3) 56:31
8Benjamin Diaz (4) 57:03
9Karnavas (2) WPOC58:50
10Anthony Perini (3) 59:21
11Amanda Little (5) 61:46
12Dave Reeder (2) 62:32
13Dave Rodgers (12) 63:51
14John Szuchy (2) 64:57
15Marcy Madl (4) 68:37
16James Sokolovich (7) 69:50
17Marianne Jentilucci 70:53
18Patti, Nicole, Hope, EmmaWPOC71:01
19Trevor, Ryan, Larry 72:31
20Kathy Kane 76:00
21 Eric Stein (5) 78:31
22Bill Shriner (3) 79:04
23Virginia Samosky (3) 81:23
24Patti Niedfeldt (2) 84:59
25Brian Little (6) 92:35
Daniel Diaz (3) DNF
Yellow4.5k 105m
1James FennWPOC47:29
2Sean LivingstonWPOC47:32
3Roger StoffregenWPOC50:42
4Rich Perrenoud 73:59
5WeiKuo Fan 75:41
6Tim Flaherty (2) 78:04
7Tali Shalom-BarakWPOC82:18
8Karnavas & Neff WPOC86:35
9Luca Rzewski (2)WPOC92:06
10Loretta OpilaWPOC97:14
11Barbara JohnstoneWPOC97:24
12Marcia Mauter (2) 115:43
13Linda Alberico 130:35
14Marcel Schmelzer (2) 133:40
Gordon HuangWPOCDNF

90 Min Score       

NameClubTimeScoreGross ScorePenalty
1Alezis RzewskiWPOC92:0122025030
2Todd PownellNEEOC90:0720021010
3Andy StratWPOC64:381701700
4Jonathan Edwards 90:1916017010
5Sherry ShankWPOC83:571501500
5Ryan KnechtWPOC87:361501500
7Stephen BrownWPOC90:1513014010
8Yaki BarakWPOC87:351201200
8Anneliese SteubenWPOC59:061201200
10Naomi & JamesWPOC89:531101100
11Gordon Huang (2)WPOC89:021001000
12Neil DolingerNEEOC100:4310120110