Frick Park
Orienteering Meet
2 November 2014

It was a rather cold day with the temperature starting in the high 30's and eventually reaching the mid 40's.  There was a fair amount of wind to; but on the positive side it was a bright sunny day, not a bad day for orienteering.  The people working at the registration and start/finish shivering.  The turnout was a little down from last year with 196 people participating;  the starts were down more to 75, probably the result of many rather large groups going out on the white and yellow courses.  That still makes this meet third highest in terms of starts.

Joe Logan was meet director.  He set four courses, each containing a substantial amount of climb (such is the nature of Frick Park).  The white and yellow courses seemed to be at the right level of difficulty, with the times a little slower than expected due to the climb.  There were a lot of positive comments, especially about the yellow course; everyone seemed to enjoy it.  Below, you will see a link that shows many of the yellow course participants.  The orange and red courses presented much more of a challenge, judging by the finish times.  However, Anneliese and Kimmo were the ringers on orange and red, respectively.  Their times were a good deal faster than the people in second place.  Joe added a little Halloween flair to the orange and red courses by adding a few non-standard elements to several of the control sites, including in one location replacing the O control with a Jack O'Lantern.  The event also gave Joe and me the opportunity to give away much of our leftover Halloween candy.  The start and finish were organized a bit differently this time; this led to no DNS situations - these had been a problem in the past.  There were also far fewer DNFs and DSQs than in previous meets at Frick.   This can probably be attributed to the course designs.

Thanks to Dave Battista for vetting  the courses. Thanks to Yaki Barak for helping put out the controls.  Thanks to Giuseppina Mecchia, Ryan Knecht, Laurie Opila, and Naomi Jarvis  for handling registration. Thanks to Anneliese Steuben and Kimmo Berg for handling start; and thanks to Barbara Johnstone and James Fenn for handling finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan and Sherry Shank for doing instruction.   And thanks to Kimmo Berg, Andy Strat and Yaki Barak  for helping to pick up the controls.

Alexis Rzewski took a bunch of photos of the participants at this event, you can see them here

In addition, Alexis borrowed a stealth cam and placed it at the first control on the yellow course, he captured these images  Thanks to Joe Harkiewicz for the loan of the stealth cam.

Finally, Alexis went to the last control on the orange course and shot this video of someone visiting that control

Our last event of the year will be at Pine Ridge Park (Pine Lodge) on November 9.  It will be followed by our annual social gathering and general meeting.

White Course    2.2 km   70 m climb   7 controls
Leavitt (4)   36:25
Teague Ruder (3)   41:28
Jennifer Petrus   41:50
Wilson (2)   42:28
Loretta Opila  WPOC 45:07
Ben Miller (2)   47:48
Todd Shirley (2)   50:03
Andy & Owen Moury   50:03
Tiago Bastos (3)   50:53
Eric Ash (3)    53:44
Picone (3)   54:20
Patrick Samzun (4)   60:20
Vega/Polaris - Tom/Rob (8)   63:20
Mira - Mike - Heidi (8)   85:10
Erol Sahin (4)   99:59
Malcolm Meyn (3)   - no punch for first two controls   DSQ

Yellow Course    2.7 km   110 m climb    9 controls
McCullough (3)   60:17
Fred Chenot  WPOC 67:15
LG Bunch (3?)   70:48
Team Pteradactyl (5)   74:20
Andy and Owen Mowrey   77:35
Livingston (5)  WPOC 79:55
Nathan & Toni   81:30
Tali Shalom-Barak  WPOC 84:04
Hochheiser (2)   89:21
Smell the Roses (2)  WPOC 92:50
Jett   93:10
Malcolm Meyn, Jack & Nate   107:15
Shadow 2 - Jon (9)   110:28
Plummer (3)   113:50
Janowitz (4)   119:40
Shadow 1 - Leanna (8)   129:03
Troop 274  BSA 142:35
Rocket Stars (3)   152:21
Rockets (4)   152:21
Mary Bates - found 8 controls in 165:15   DNF
Zach Ward & Molly Whittaker - found 7 controls in 113:15  WPOC DNF
Mike Ward - found 4 controls in 174:10   WPOC DNF

Orange Course    4.3 km    210 m  climb   11controls

Anneliese Steuben  WPOC  58:30
Xenia Kissling   79:05
Johan Holm  WPOC  86:05
Alexis Rzewski  WPOC 94:39
Will & Matt   98:20
De Vleeschouwer (5)   103:30
Subhodeep Monra   106:28
Kirill Kiselyov   109:05
Teen Titans (6)   113:13
Randy Fasenmyer   122:02
Dorothy & Katie (Recalculating...)   125:27
Luca Rzewski (2)  WPOC 125:45
Alan Kuffner & Brady Conner   130:07
Tommy Indig   138:53
Wayne Thorniley (2)   166:30
Karl   177:05
Naomi & James - paused for 124:23 in middle of the course  WPOC 224:30
Bert Davis (2) - two mispunches, finished in 157:30   DSQ
Tali Shalom-Barak - found 7 controls in 164:40  WPOC DNF
Fred Parker - found 7 controls in 253:11   DNF

Red Course        6.5 km   245 m climb    16 Controls
Kimmo Berg  WPOC 53:43
Andy Strat  WPOC 81:00
Jim Trautmann  WPOC 82:13
Ryan Knecht  WPOC 98:03
Joseph Briggs   110:26
TJ Platt & Jessie Amend   117:36
Lisa Storey   128:10
Yaki Barak  WPOC 130:22
Sherry Shank  WPOC 142:45
Gordon Huang  WPOC 147:35
Jan, Frances, Keith Irvin   153:39
Rats in the Night (2)   158:15
Lorenz (2)  WPOC 165:45
Tim Spang - missed last control, finished in 99:21  WPOC DNF
Charles George (Crew 231) - found 14 controls in 214:26   DNF
Joe Harkiewicz - found 7 controls in 91:00   DNF
Katie & Dorothy - found 8 controls in 109:40   DNF