Yellow Creek State Park  (South Side)
Orienteering Meet Results
18 October 2014

The weather was a little intimidating for a night event.  It had rained on and off during the day and the temperature was in the low 40's.  The weather undoubtedly was a factor in the two groups who had preregistered not showing up.  We we hoping for a better turnout than last year at Yellow Creek; but the weather was similar to last year.   As it was, the turnout was typical for our night events.

Dave Battista was meet director; he designed a  course with an interesting distribution of points.  There were 40 controls.  Twenty of them (numbered 1-20) were worth 10 points each and twenty (numbered 21-40) were worth 20 points each  for a total of 600 possible points.  There was a 15 point per minute penalty for each minute late.   (No one was late; so there is no mention of the penalty in the results below.)  Dave scattered the 20 point controls all over the map.  The idea was to allow everyone, including those with less experience, to reach at least some 20-point controls.  This was indeed the case as the average number of 20-point controls found was 8.

An analysis of the punch cards shows that most people concentrated on the eastern portion of the map - all of the controls that were visited by more than half of the participants were east of Campground Rd.  The most visited control was #32, a very easy one; surprisingly, 3 people did not visit this control.  The least visited controls were #3, #7, and #26.  This was to be expected because of their distant locations, although #26 was east of Campground Rd.  Each of the three were visited by only 3 people.  Another surprise was control #4, the closest one to the start.  If someone had walked to the east end of the grassy area near the start and shined a light in the right direction; s/he could probably have seen control #4; but only 6 people visited that control.  

The results below has one entry for each punch card returned, although it should be obvious that some people went in pairs or small groups on the course.

Thanks to Joe Logan for helping with registration.  Also, thanks to Tim & Edna Spang, Ryan Knecht and Gordon Huang for helping with control pick up.

You can see the route taken by Alexis and Luca at  this location 

Here is a picture of the group before the start.   Participants

Our next event will be at Frick Park on November 2.

Night-O   Score Course        3  hours    40 controls    Points as stated above
Name Club Controls Time Score
Kimmo Berg WPOC 40 2:35:12 600
Ryan Knecht WPOC 31 2:22:40 450
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 26 2:58:35 410
Luca Rzewski WPOC  26 2:58:35 410
Eric & Carrie Beringer 24 2:57:03 380
Erlend Steen Klokkerud   24 2:15:13 340
Havard Klokkerud   24 2:15:46 340
Tim Spang WPOC 20 2:11:16 310
Joe Logan WPOC 18 2:48:40 250
Yaki Barak WPOC  16 2:59:35 250
Gordon Huang WPOC  13 2:58:40 200
Alex Spang WPOC 11 2:40:48 150
Edna Spang WPOC 11 2:40:48 150
Eric Steinbring WPOC 11 2:57:50 150
Susan Dugan    11 2:57:50 150
Shannon Dugan    11 2:57:50 150
Zach Ward WPOC  9 2:30:34 140
Molly Wittaker    9 2:30:34 140
Mike Ward WPOC 4 1:26:58 60