Laurel Hill State Park
Orienteering Meet
28 September 2014

It was a sunny, pleasant day with temperatures in the upper 60's and low 70's.  We had hoped to get a bunch of newcomers for National Orienteering Day; but hardly any showed up.  The exception was the JROTC cadets from Albert Gallatin.  By the numbers, we had 37 starts and 73 total participants.

Jim Wolfe was meet director.  He set five courses, including two white courses hoping that some newcomers might try more than one.  Only one pair of newcomers tried two courses and they chose the orange course as their second.  Generally, everyone liked the courses - there was a lot of open forest and not much climb.  The only complaints were about some of the rocky ground hidden by the ferns and about an indistinct trail on the red course that a couple people did not think deserved to be a trail at all.  There was some misunderstanding among the Albert Gallatin students and a couple groups of them went out on courses without knowing what they were supposed to do.  Probably the person who got the most out of this event was Naomi Jarvis.  She and her son finished their first red course.  Naomi was awarded the one-year membership in OUSA by the club board for her volunteer efforts.  And Naomi had her name drawn as winner of the Icebug shoes which were provided by by OUSA.

The results below are taken from the paper records we kept at the meet.  Although the yellow, orange, and red courses used electronic punching, it was not possible to get those results from the computer due to a computer crash.  Thus, the times may be slightly wrong due to transcription errors.  Also, splits cannot be provided at this time because of the crash; if we manage to recover this data, the split information will be added to this web page.

Thanks to Tim Spang, Jim Trautmann and Loretta Opila  for handling registration. Thanks to Sherry Shank and Ryan Knecht for handling start/finish.  Thanks to Naomi Jarvis for doing instruction.   And thanks to Andy Strat, Kimmo Berg and Alexis Rzewski  for helping to pick up the controls.

Photos of the meet

Our next event will be our night-O meet at Yellow Creek SP on October 18.

White East Course    1.9 km   50 m climb   10 controls
Foley/Nicolette   33:59
The Lost Boys (6)  Albert Gallatin 38:35
Jeri Wiedrkehr   38:57
Royal Pains (6)  Albert Gallatin 51:13
AG3 (5)  - did not get a start time; had no punch card  Albert Gallatin DNS

White West Course    2.2 km   55 m climb  9 controls
Alex & Edna Spang  WPOC 40:38
Team Golik (4)   58:39
Eric, Kristen, & Lily   65:58
Elite Squad - did not return a punch card  Albert Gallatin DSQ

Yellow Course    3.3 km   85 m climb    10 controls

Derrick Monahan  WPOC 48:03
Eric Steinbring  WPOC 74:38
Team Busche (4)   76:10
Mecchia/Rzewski (3)  WPOC 79:19
Loretta Opila  WPOC 81:18
Zack's Group (3)   86:05
Smell the Roses (2)  WPOC 106:51
Karl Mormer   125:17
Mike Ward  - found 8 controls  WPOC DNF
Tali Shalom-Barak - found 5 controls  WPOC DNF
Burning Caterpillars (5) - found 2 controls  Albert Gallatin DNF

Orange Course    4.7 km    115 m climb  11 controls  
Xenia Kissling   59:08
Tim Spang  WPOC 64:05
Lorenz (2)  WPOC 71:19
Edna Spang  WPOC 75:45
Derrick Monahan  WPOC 78:06
Tom & Linda Gray  WPOC 117:36
Foley/Nicollette   126:20
Sherry Shank - missed control #5  WPOC DSQ

Red Course    7.1 km    205 m climb  17 controls  
Kimmo Berg  WPOC 60:11
Andy Strat  WPOC 76:22
Jim Trautmann  WPOC 101:24
Ryan Knecht  WPOC 105:11
Alexis Rzewski  WPOC 112:33
Yaki Barak  WPOC 155:52
Naomi & James  WPOC 178:30
Gordon Huang  WPOC 188:30
Troop 321 (2) - missed two or three controls   DSQ