Prince Gallitzin State Park
Orienteering Meet Results
7 June 2017

It was a pleasantly warm day with temperatures in the upper 60's and low 70's, although it was warmer later in the day.  The woods were green and wet; ticks and poison ivy were definitely present.  We were happy to see a number of people who were totally new to orienteering or who had previously been in one of our workshops.  Everyone seemed to have a good time; the only complaint was related to one control on yellow - see below.

Al Sheaffer was the meet director.  His design of the white course seemed about right based on the winning time.  The yellow course was more of a problem; the focus of the problem was control #8, a navigational marker about 100 m off trail but through some light green.  This control was the downfall of several competitors, see the results notes.  Also on yellow, Connor McLaughlin would probably have won except that he blew right by the first control and then went to it last; his DSQ was the result of that approach.  The Score course had 5 more controls than last year and we upped the time limit to 120 minutes to see if anyone could clear the course.  That did happen as Denis and Kimmo visited the controls in nearly identical sequences, switching only the order of controls 14 and 20.  Consequently, it was possible to compare legs for nearly all the score course - that doesn't often happen.  You can  see in the splits which of the two of them has the better time for each leg (highlighted in bold).

Thanks to Alexis Rzewski for helping to put out controls.  Thanks to Laurie Opila, Sherry Shank and Jim Trautmann  for running registration.   Thanks to Dan Marincel for running start/finish.  Thanks to Sherry Shank and Al Sheaffer for handling instruction.  Thanks to Ryan Knecht, Dan Marincel, Kimmo Barak and Yaki Barak for helping with control pick up.

Our next event will be at the IUP Co-Op Park on August 9.

White Course        2.0 km     60 m climb    9 controls
Genia Trofimova 20:40
Something Else (3)   38:34
I want my cookies (3)   49:21
I have no clue (3)   57:30
Hucklebuckle (4)   60:25
The Kirbys (4) 106:50

Yellow Course        3.9 km       170 m climb    10 controls

For Yellow Course results, click here

For split times, click  here

Score Course        90 minutes    25 controls    various points per control    10 point penalty per minute late

The Score course has seven 5-point controls, ten 10-point controls, three 15-point controls, three 20-point controls and two 30 point controls for a total of 300 points.  Latness was penalized at the rate of 10 points per minute late.

For Score Course results, click  here

For split times and sequence of visitations, click  here

You can view the route Kimmo took on the score course  here along with a few pictures of the park.

You can view the route Jim Trautmann took  here

You can view the route Denis Anisimov took   here

You can view some photos Alexis took while placing control   here