Boyce Park
Orienteering Meet
13 April 2014

It was a very warm day for orienteering with the temperature passing 80o by mid afternoon.  It was also partly sunny, one of the first few really nice days of spring.  We had a very good turnout with a lot of people doing two of the sprint courses and one person (Ryan Knecht) doing all four.  We also had a number of people playing around with their finger sticks ( SI-cards) as they punched at a number of controls that were not on their course in addition to the ones that were - see splits for examples.

Andy Strat was meet director.  He set four good short courses.  The courses looked deceptively fast at first glance but not if you noticed the climbs associated with them.  Also the second advanced sprint (D) was more like a short brown course in that it required more route choice and off trail navigation.  Everyone seemed to like the courses.  This was the first time we tried to run an event with two starts, one being about 500 m from registration; everyone seemed to take it in stride once they understood what to do.  The only complaint I heard was that one control was on the wrong copse; but both copses were in within 50 m of each other in the open; most people didn't even notice the problem.  The only real difficulty of the event was getting Windows 7 to finish updating so we could get on with running the start.

Thanks to Sherry Shank, Jim Trautmann, Laurie Opila and James Fenn for running registration.  Thanks to Andy Strat, Kit Eagon, and Joe Logan for managing start/finish.  Thanks to Naomi for bringing coffee and cookies.  Thanks to Yaki Barak, Kimmo Berg, and Joe Logan for picking up the controls.

 For Results click here  Note:  Those listed as DSQ missed a single control (their times are shown).  Those listed as DNF missed many controls; no times are shown for them (although you can see their times in splits).

 For Splits click here

To see the photos that Alexis Rzewski took,  click here