Pine Ridge Park
Orienteering Meet
24 November 2013

It was the coldest day ever for a WPOC event.  The temperature might have made it up to 20o briefly with winds up to 20 mph and intermittent show showers.  Had it not been for the annual meeting and social gathering, we might not have had more than half a dozen people.  As it was, we had 27 participants and 21 starts with one person (Christy Freeman) even doing two courses.

Jim Wolfe was meet director.  He designed four courses, including a red course that almost required getting your feet wet.  Naturally, red runners did not want to do that because of the weather.  Otherwise, every seemed to be happy about the courses.

In addition to the courses, WPOC had its annual social gathering and general membership meeting.  Alexis has provided some  photos of the gathering

Thanks to Kit Eagon, Laurie Opila, Dan Marincel and Eric Steinbring  for handling registration. Thanks to Sherry Shank, Giuseppina Mecchia and Alxis Rzewski for handling start/finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan agreeing to do instruction, although none was needed.  And thanks to Dave Battista, Naomi Jarvis & James, Andy Strat and Jim Trautmann  for helping to pick up the controls.

The next event will Raccoongaine on 23 March 2014.  Thanks to everyone for another successful year.

White Course   2.4 km    85 m climb     9 controls
Troop 251 Leaders (2)  Troop 251 29:40
The Scarface Snowy Owls (4)  Troop 251 33:15
Christy Freeman  WPOC 39:00
Eric Steinbring  WPOC 43:59
Owen & Andy Mawrey   45:42

Yellow Course    3.6 km    140 m climb    11 controls
Fred & Andy Chenot  WPOC 49:03
Christy Freeman  WPOC 73:06
Giuseppina Mecchia (2)  WPOC 92:02
Brett Johns & Sky Barnes   116:44
Kit Eagon   lost punch card; returned in 145:55  WPOC DSQ

Orange Course    4.2 km    205 m climb     11 controls
Dan Marincel  WPOC 60:01
Kevin Peterson   65:24
Naomi Jarvis & James  WPOC 126:22
Sherry Shank     mispunched control #8; returned in 84:31  WPOC DSQ

Red Course    6.6 km    255 m climb   15 controls
Denis Anisimov   65:12
Dave Battista  WPOC 67:30
Andy Strat  WPOC 74:10
Alexis Rzewski  WPOC 78:39
Brian Komoroski   86:57
Jim Trautmann  WPOC 96:25
Joe Logan  WPOC 111:10