Mingo Creek Park
Orienteering Meet
20 October 2013

After a rainy day the day before and some rain early in the morning, it turned out to be a bright sunny day, a near ideal day for orienteering.  The temperature was a little low, about 50, but the sun made up for that.  The turnout was fairly good, much better than in past Mingo Creek events.

Joe Logan was meet director.  The nature of the park makes it very difficult to design courses with a reasonable amount of climb.  However, the white and yellow courses were well under the 4% maximum climb.  The times on white were somewhat long because nearly everyone was a novice.  With one exception, the times on yellow were also quite long.  Yellow presented two good opportunities for off-trail navigation (to controls 4 and 7); based on the splits, most participants "took the long way".  The orange and red courses did exceed the 4% climb, still most people managed to complete them in a reasonable time.  The winning time on red was actually a little faster than I anticipated; Alexis won despite being fastest on only four of the legs.  Commentary about the courses was all positive and most people came back with few burrs attached.

We had two new  memberships in the club; welcome to the Chris Genovese and Kit Eagon.  We also had one past member become a member again; welcome back to Mike Ward.

Thanks to Tali Shalom-Barak, Giuseppina Mecchia and Laurie Opila for handling registration. Thanks to Anneliese Steuben  for handling start/finish.  Thanks to Alexis Rzewski and Joe Logan for doing instruction.   And thanks to Gordon Huang, Dave Battista, Yaki and Tali Barak, Naomi Jarvis & James and Joe Logan  for helping to pick up the controls.

The next event will be at Frick Park on November 3.

White   Course   1.9 km    70 m climb     8 controls
Brady Ross   47:30
ANC-2 (3)   50:19
Gold Team (3)   57:47
Melanie Plummer (2)   64:05
Carol Meiers (2)   64:05
TC Team (2)   71:00
The Wasps (4)   78:01

Yellow   Course    3.2 km    90 m climb    10 controls

E-punching was used for this course.  See the links below for results and splits.



Orange Course    4.2 km   205 m climb   12 controls
Anneliese Steuben  WPOC 44:56
Stephanie Roussel   70:10
Luca Rzewski  WPOC 82:01
Fiona Stewart & Eric Wildman   84:50
Team Darwin (3)   139:50
David Ross   143:16
The Rebels (3)   mispunched 2 controls, returned in 145:50   DSQ
Richard Wang & April Watt   no official start, rough time 170:00   DNS
Tali Shalom-Barak   reached only first 7 controls in 165:53  WPOC DNF
Landan Weakland   no official start, time unknown   DNS

Red   Course    7.7 km    420 m climb   16 controls

E-punching was used for this course; see the links below for results and splits.


Fastest legs are shown in bold in the listings.