Boyce  Park
Orienteering Meet Results
22 September 2013

It had rained the day before; so the woods were wet.  But during the meet, it was just overcast.  It was a little cool because of the breeze with a temperature in the mid-50's.

Andy Strat was a first-time meet director.  He designed two "white" courses which were very successful; only one team did not complete a beginner course.  With this being our National Orienteering Day event, it was especially good to have so many be successful on their first course.  I think we had 58 new faces try the beginner courses.   We had hoped to have one of the beginner courses use e-punching; but an oversight in the control box setup prevented that.

Andy designed an intermediate course, mostly orange level with a length about yellow level.  A fair number of people were not successful with this course; I think they were trying to move "up to the next level" without enough experience at yellow level.  Of course, the thick vegetation in many parts of Boyce Park may have been a significant factor, as well.  Andy's design of the advanced course was very compact but presented a significant challenge.  It was interesting that each of the first six finishers on the advanced course had at least one leg in which he or she was fastest.  Both the intermediate and advanced courses used e-punching.  All comments about the courses were very positive.

Thanks to Joe Logan for vetting Andy's courses and for helping to put out the controls.  Thanks to Barbara Johnstone, Giuseppina Mecchia and  Laurie Opila for running registration.   Thanks to Eric Steinbring and Andy Strat for running start/finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan and Alexis Rzewski for handling instruction.  Thanks to Yaki and Tali Shalom Barak, Gordon Huang and Tim Spang  for helping with control pick up.

Our next event will be at Mingo Creek Park on October 20..

Beginner #1 Course        2.3 km         7 controls
Valerie Metz CAOC 29:12
Mark Pekor (2)  were on mountain bikes   33:47
Noreen (3)   44:40
Scott Gliebe   49:26
Stein (6)  approximate time, e-punching not set up right   55:52
The Breezers (6)   89:40

Beginner #2  Course        2.2 km         9 controls
The Troyinators (2)  WPOC 28:03
Valerie Metz  CAOC 28:55
The Waterboys (4)   41:00
Kate & Lauren   41:00
Matt & Andy's Team   44:27
Eric Walters   45:16
Matt Gorman   45:16
Muscley Magic Moms (2)   48:54
Tyler Funk (3)   49:00
Dylan & Leo Sutton (3)   50:00
Adam Primi   62:00
Team Alberico   62:45
Susan & Nelson Caro & Family (5)   64:54
Lorraine Mosso (2)   72:00
Allen Hahn (3)   72:26
Mary & Tom Bates   78:00
Team Minecraft Steve (5)   78:34
Nameless (3)   114:02
Dolores Bracco (3)   116:30
Lost Boys (4)  mispunched 3 controls, returned in 69:24   DSQ

Intermediate  Course        3.8 km        10 controls

E-punching was used for this course.  You can get the results  here  and the splits  here

Advanced Course          6.3 km        16 controls

E-punching was used for this course.  You can get the results  here  and the splits  here

Andy will be trying to set up RouteGadget for the intermediate and advanced courses.  If that works out, a link will be provided here for you to use.