Prince Gallitzin State Park
Orienteering Meet Results
22 June 2013

It was a hot second day of summer on which to hold an orienteering meet.  The woods were very green, somewhat greener than the map showed, even though it was a new map.  There were a fair number of insects and some ticks to contend with.  Turnout was rather low, primarily due to the location (Prince Gallitzin is in the far northeast edge of the club's working area).  Still there were about a dozen new people who tried out the white course and a reasonable number who tried the yellow.  The score course was advertised to present some challenging situations to the participants and based on the comments, it definitely did that.  I did not hear any complaints, just a few expressions about the difficulty of the terrain.

Al Sheaffer was the meet director.  His design of the white course seemed about right based on the winning time.  The yellow course presented more of a problem; but I think the finishing times more reflected the limited experience of the participants than the difficulty of the course.  I expected the score course to cause a few big mistakes and it did.  I also expected no one to be able to get all of the score controls in the 90 minutes allowed.  Andy Strat did go to all of them but was penalized for lateness.  I think the map could stand a vegetation update, even though is is less than two years old.  Next time, we should try Prince Gallitzin in a cooler part of the year.

Thanks to Tom and Linda Gray, Sherry Shank, Naomi Jarvis andJames and Laurie Opila for running registration.   Thanks to Dan Marincel  and Al Sheaffer for running start/finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan for handling instruction.  Thanks to Andy Strat, Dan Marincel, Joe Logan and Gordon Huang for helping with control pick up.

Our next event will be at the IUP Co-Op Park on August 3.

White Course        2.17 km     65 m climb    9 controls
Tom & Linda Gray WPOC 32:45
Kamesh Madduri   49:15
Chris Carrier   57:52
Rich & Carrie Cernetic (4)   60:20
David Reier (4)   71:00

Yellow Course        3.49 km       100 m climb    10 controls
Chris Mamula (3)   102:40
Chris Carrier   103:45
Rodger & Candy Holsing  WPOC 116:40
Wards (2)   116:52
Joan Kosma   117:00
Eric Steinbring  WPOC 117:00
Susan Lee   119:15
Ken Hartung   119:20
Tali Shalom-Barak  WPOC 128:30
Sergey Skylar (3)    missed control #3   87:05   DSQ
Naomi Jarvis & James    missed control #9   100:38  WPOC DSQ
Loretta Opila    found first 6 controls    123:28  WPOC DNF

Score Course        90 minutes    20 controls    various points per control    10 point penalty per minute late

There were five controls worth 5 points (numbers 1, 7, 16, 17, and 19).  There were two controls worth 15 points (numbers 14 and 15).  There was one 20 point control (number 9) and one 30 control (number 10).  The other eleven controls were worth 10 points each.

For results, click  here

For split times and sequence of visitations, click  here

You can view some of the routes taken by those on the score course  here