Deer Lakes Park
Orienteering Meet
28 April 2013

It was not a nice day for orienteering.  The rain held off while putting out the controls; but it rained continuously during the competition; then again during pickup, there was no rain.  The temperature was ok, in the mid 50's.  We were hoping for a much larger turnout for our first ever event aimed specifically at beginners; but the weather obviously have a very negative affect.

Jennifer Livingston was meet director.  Generally, everyone had a good (but wet) time.  The only negative comment I heard was about a small mapping error that seemed to affect a couple people on the yellow course, although it is hard to see why there should have been an issue with a control that was on the edge of an open field.  The yellow course was run using exclusively electronic punching; this was our first official course to do this successfully.  Consequently, when you look at the results, you can see the placements and also the split times for this course.

Thanks to Barbara Johnstone, Christy Freeman, Tali Shalom-Barak, and Laurie Opila for handling registration. Thanks to Sherry Shank and Eric Steinbring for handling start/finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan and Jen Livingston for conducting instruction.  And thanks to Yaki Barak, Tim Spang, Naomi & James, Gordon Huang and Alexis Rzewski  for picking up the controls.

Lost & Found:  Someone left a Boston Red Sox cap with several autographs on it at registration.  If it is yours, contact Jim Wolfe ( e-mail address at ).

The next event will be a Night-O score course at Yellow Creek State Park on May 11.

White Course    West    2.45 km    45 m climb    9 controls
Jason Walter   34:06
Alex Spang (2)  WPOC 57:00
Paul Kojzar   57:00
McKern (3)   65:30
Angie Amaya & Katie Meek   69:10
Gabby & Anthony W.   74:50
Ben & Kevin Herrmann   83:20
Ryan Trapp (2)   88:20
Jeffrey, Jacob, Erin Raymond   100:19
Ryan Parker (2)   100:45

White Course   East   2.35 km    60 m climb     9 controls
Joe, Angela, Joshua Weltner  WPOC 64:20
Angie Amaya & Katie Meek   79:20

Yellow Course    3.8 km    110 m climb    11 controls

 Simple Results

 Split Times

Orange Course    4.5 km    170 m climb     12 controls
Alexis Rzewski  WPOC 41:40
Tim Spang  WPOC 53:19
Dan Beggs   58:20
Andrew Kojzar   70:00
Yaki Barak  WPOC 74:55
Edna Spang  WPOC 81:30
Joe Logan  WPOC 82:55
Kirill Kiselyov   84:15
Sherry Shank  WPOC 84:20
Jason Walter   100:50
Mladen Kolar   116:40
James & Naomi  WPOC 122:46
Loretta Opila   found 7 controls in 127:00  WPOC DNF
Gordon Huang   found 8 controls in 118:20, lost control card  WPOC DNF