Pine Ridge Park
Orienteering Meet
11 November 2012

It was an excellent day for orienteering, not very typical of November - sunny, temperature in the 60's with dry woods.  We had a fair turnout with 33 starts and 58 people showing up. A few were new to orienteering but I would have expected more with the good weather and no Steelers game conflict.

Jim Wolfe was meet director.  The courses he set had a bit too much climb; but it is difficult to limit climb to an appropriate level at Pine Ridge Park.  The White course was the greatest concern because, although it used roads and trails as handrails, some of the trails were in terrible shape.  Unfortunately, the one with the most severe climb was like that.  For the first time, we tried a relay of sorts.  It was a 3-leg relay designed for one person and had an imposed time limit.  The idea was for each person to decide at the end of a leg whether on not s/he could do the next leg and stay within the time limit.  There were a few complaints about the difficulty of the White course.  But the comments about the relay were very positive.

We had one new person join the club; welcome to Joni James.

Thanks to Barbara Johnstone, Guiseppina Mecchia, Jen Livingston and Laurie Opila for handling registration. Thanks to Sherry Shank and Dan Marincel  for handling start/finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan and Alexis Rzewski for conducting instruction.  And thanks to Al Sheaffer, Dave Battista and Andy Strat  for picking up the controls.

You can see photos that Alexis took at the meet  here  .

The last meet of the year will be at Frick Park on December 1.

White Course        2.49 km    100 m climb    9 controls
Fred & Julie Chenot  WPOC 49:47
Jen, Emma, Sean Livingston  WPOC 60:23
Andy & Kathy  WPOC 63:24
TJ & Alex Platt  Team Roxy 64:07
Barbara Jones   77:45
Jeff Rose (4)   81:25
Cathie & Laurie Opila  WPOC 92:48
Mary Curry (2)   98:06
Tamaka Ranalli (2)   98:06
Deb Skander, David & Brian Pickford   129:36
Joni James  WPOC 142:36

Yellow Course      3.43 km   165 m climb     9 controls
Sherry Shank  WPOC 45:43
JSS Kniola (2)   67:43
Kniola Krew (3)   69:30
Christy Freeman  WPOC 73:00
Giuseppina Mecchia & Luca Rzewski  WPOC 76:09
Sabertooth Llamas (3)  Troop 183 86:09
Jack Molchany   89:16
Sergey Sklyar   89:16
Midnight Rockers  WPOC 95:50
Eric & Shanna Brown   106:40
Alex & TJ Platt  Team Roxy 110:07
Tali Shalom Barak  WPOC 193:31
Barbara Johnstone     missed control #3   88:43  WPOC DSQ

Relay Course    Single Leg    2.99 km    110 m climb    8 controls   Limit 100 minutes
Name  Club Time Penalty Total
Sherry Shank  WPOC 62:18 0:00 62:18
Yaki Barak  WPOC 70:12 0:00 70:12

Relay Course    Two Legs    5.60 km    245 m climb     14 controls     Limit 100 minutes
Name  Club Time Penalty Total
Alexis Rzewski  WPOC 78:40 0:00 78:40
Joe Logan  WPOC 87:16 0:00 87:16
Lorenz (2)  WPOC 93:13 0:00 93:13
Derrick Monahan  WPOC 104:16 15:00 119:16

Relay Course    Three Legs    7.78 km    355 m climb   21 controls     Limit 100 minutes
Name  Club Time Penalty Total
Andy   WPOC 72:00 0:00 72:00
Dave Battista  WPOC 88:34 0:00 88:34
Nathan Ohrwaschel  DVOA 96:20 0:00 96:20
Dan Marincel  WPOC 102:24 9:00 111:24