Mingo Creek Park
Orienteering Meet Results
28 October 2012

For the second year in a row, it was a terrible weather day at Mingo Creek.  Temperatures were in the low 40's with off and on rain.  The conditions (combined with approach of hurricane Sandy) undoubted kept the attendance low.  We had certainly hoped for a larger adventure racing turnout for the score courses.  Aside from a lot of shivering and wet clothes, everyone seemed to have a good time.

Alexis Rzewski was the meet director.  He designed the 2-hour and 4-hour score course by placing 35 controls over the entire span of the park.  The most that anyone managed to reach was 18 of them.  Although the number of participants was small, they certainly had varied approaches to finding the controls.  Everyone of the controls was visited at least once, although the control most distant from the start (#21) was visited by only one person.  Even with only six starts on the 2-hour score, those participants visited all but three of the controls (#21, #22, and #33).  And with only five starts on the 4-hour score, those participants visited all but two controls (#13 and #14).  Clearly, everyone had their own ideas on which way to go.

We also had a white and a yellow course.  The yellow course offered participants the option to use electronic punching; however, only two people took advantage of that.  Most stayed with the manual punching.  Also, we had one new member join the club; welcome to Jamie Yoder.

Thanks to Jim Trautmann, Christy Freeman, Sherry Shank and Laurie Opila for running registration.   Thanks to Barbara Johnstone  for running start/finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan for helping with instruction.  Thanks to Andy Strat for setting up and running the electronic punching.  Thanks to Joe Logan and Andy Strat for helping with control pick up.

You can see pictures from the Mingo Creek event take by Alexis  here

Our next event is at Pine Ridge Park on November 11.  In addition to the orienteering, we will have a pot-luck meal and hold our annual meeting.

White Course        1.9 km     65 m climb    8 controls
Christy  WPOC 30:56
Al & Jake Champagne   31:45
Hall (7)  BSA 36:38
Glenn  Burke   50:23
Alex Pilareit (4)   51:45
Pollock (5)  BSA 53:00
Shawn & Mary Curry   61:02
Tamara A. Ranalli (2)   61>02

Yellow Course        4.2 km       125 m climb    12 controls
Tony Garratt  SDO 39:04
Jen Livingston  WPOC 76:43
Luca Rzewski  WPOC 82:45
Barbara Johnstone  WPOC 91:16
Viva Kreis (3)   99:30
Alex & Shelby Yawny   114:06
Giuseppina Mecchia  WPOC 121:15
Taylor Strang & Lavender Woostrum  found 6 controls in 126:10   DNF

2-Hour Score Course        35 controls    Varying points per control    10 point penalty per minute late
Name Club Controls Time Penalty Score
Tony Garratt  SDO 12 117:20 0 340
Joe Logan  WPOC 10 116:59 0 200
Derrick Monahan  WPOC 10 117:02 0 170
Andy Strat (started about 1 hour late)  WPOC 8 110:30 0 140
Andy Miller   9 99:10 0 130
Sherry Shank WPOC 7 110:47 0 110

4-Hour Score Course        35 controls    Varying points per control    10 point penalty per minute late
Name Club Controls Time Penalty Score
Jim Trautmann  WPOC 18 237:10 0 490
Team Biddies (2)   14 239:00 0 370
Rats in the Night (2)  WPOC 10 236:40 0 170
Team Barak (3)  WPOC 9 243:54 -40 150
Jamie Yoder  WPOC 7 219:16 0 90