Boyce Park
Orienteering Meet
7 October 2012

It was not a nice day; temperature in the upper 40's and overcast; light rain developed around 1 pm and lasted through pickup.  For those who went out on courses, the weather should not have been a problem; those who stayed around the registration area shivered.  But despite the weather, we had a good turnout:  48 starts from 88 people with a fair number of new orienteers.

Joe Logan was meet director for the first time.  Although a few newcomers has a little difficulty with the many trails on the white course,  all the comments I heard about other courses were positive.  I thought the courses were very interesting.  We were hoping to use e-punching on the red course.  But we had some difficulty getting that started.  In the end, only two competitors used e-punching on red (noted with an asterisk in the results); the others used manual punching.  For those who used e-punching, you can look at your split times with this link  Split times, WinSplits Online .

You can see photos that Alexis took at the meet  here .

Thanks to Dave & Brady Ross, Fred & Kathy Chenot and  Laurie Opila for handling registration. Thanks to Barbara Johnstone  for handling start/finish.  Thanks to Jennifer Livingston and Joe Logan  for conducting instruction.  Thanks to Alexis Rzewski for putting out the control boxes for the e-punching.  And thanks to Alexis Rzewski, Phil Martineau, and Kevin Peterson  for picking up the controls.

The next meet will be at Mingo Creek Park on October 28..

White Course        2.2 km    40 m climb    8 controls
Nathan & Aidan   30:10
Patty Murtha  WPOC 36:15
Chris Genovese & Marsha   37:30
Kathy & Julie  WPOC 45:12
Tabacheck (5)   52:08
Smell the Roses (2)  WPOC 54:42
Mary & Shawn Curry   57:10
Steve & Jordan Styer   58:50
Nelson, Cecilia & Veronica Caro   61:52
GSWPA Troop 57398 Group 1 (7)  GSA 76:09
Jean Anne Chesek (3)   103:06
Jordan's (2)     found 3 controls in 45:49   DNF
Ryan Mahokey     found 3 controls in 108:03  BSA DNF
GSWPA Troop 57398 Group 2 (10)   no punch card  returned in 129:03  GSA DNF

Yellow Course    3.7 km    95 m climb    10 controls
Derrick Monahan  WPOC 53:59
Fred Chenot  WPOC 54:56
Roger Stoffregen  WPOC 62:56
Chris & Marsha   69:56
Mike Forbeck   70:43
Nathan & Aidan   77:10
Luca Rzewski & thad Pellegrini  WPOC 84:35
Ryan Garlitz & Luke Streussnig   89:54
Joey & Nick Edmundson (3)   89:54
Bill & Tanner Bradford   91:57
Janowitz & Stein (4)   93:36
Tatyana Sklyar   96:31
Loretta Opila  -  no card  WPOC 99:56
Tali Shalom-Barak  WPOC 104:01
Karl Mormer   111:47
Stacy Squires   124:05
Tabacheck   125:24
S. Taylor (2)   131:29
W. Lavender (2)   131:29
Leo Sutton (2)  completed course, no official start   DNS

Orange Course    4.7 km    165 m climb     11 controls
Brian Ottinger   73:45
Sherry Shank  WPOC 113:15
Naomi Jarvis  WPOC 119:28
Brian & Kevin Manley  WPOC 120:06
Brady Ross   found 8 controls in 192:57  WPOC DNF
David Ross    found 7 controls in 185:56  WPOC DNF
Luca & Thad    found 4 controls in 118:56  WPOC DNF

Red Course    6.5 km    280 m climb   17 controls
Nathan Ohrmaschel*  DVOA 81:22
Dave Battista  WPOC 92:18
Dan Beggs   142:39
Lorenz (2)  WPOC 151:29
Annaliese & Rory*  WPOC 156:29
Yaki Barak  WPOC 207:27
Brian Ottinger    found 11 controls in 120:29   DNF