Deer Lakes Park
Orienteering Meet
16 September 2012

It was almost an ideal day for orienteering - sunny, temperature in the 60's or low 70's, dry woods.  We had an excellent turnout. There were 70 starts with 100 people going out on courses; and for 36 of them it was their first time to orienteer.  This was a reasonable number of  newcomers  for National Orienteering Day.  It was good to see that many of the newcomers went out on a second course (see results).

Jim Trautmann was meet director.  The comments that I heard about the courses were very favorable; there were only a few on the red course that complained about the burrs.  The red course was a bit on the long side; but, it's that time of year for burrs.  It looked like a number of people on the orange course may have bitten off a bit more than they could chew.  But all in all, the winning times for the courses were close to ideal.  It was especially good to see that there were no DSQs or DNFs on the white course, despite having so many newcomers.

Andy Strat set up a super string-o to give anyone who wanted it some experience in using e-punching.  There were certainly a lot of kids who tried it out.  At our next event, we will start using the e-punch equipment in a regular course.

Thanks to Naomi Jarvis, Karin Villwock, Anneliese Steuben and Laurie Opila for handling registration. Thanks to Sherry Shank, Jen Livingston and Dave Battista  for handling start/finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan for conducting instruction.  And thanks to Jim Trautmann, Joe Logan, Eric Steinbring (and friends) and Alexis Rzewski  for picking up the controls.

You can see photos that Alexis took at the meet  here  - note that there are some other (non-orienteering) photos with this group.

The next meet will be at Boyce Park on October 7.

White Course    West    1.8 km    50 m climb    9 controls
John McGowan   26:12
Kathleen Wack   30:20
Mary McDonnell (3)   33:28
Kiselyov   35:10
Anders & Carl Villwock (3)  WPOC 38:56
Dan Beggs & Lauren   47:30
Susan, Nicolas & Veronica Caro   48:26
Tommy Leavitt (2)  BSA 373 51:35
Hollen Barmer & Miranda Crotsley   52:00
Tali Shalom-Barak   52:38
Nathan Fink (2)   54:32
Mary Curry   54:58
John & Jack Hathanay   60:49
Mara Gosko   63:20
Anita Rzewski (2)  WPOC 63:30
Tabacheck (3)   63:45
Heather Styer (3)   73:24
Nelson, Martin & Max Caro   73:56
Plummer (2)   83:10

White Course   East   2.1 km    60 m climb     9 controls
Ryan, Kim Echel & Richard Myros (4)   31:41
Hollen Barmer & Miranda Crotsley   31:45
Kathleen Wack & John McGowan   33:42
Dan & Lauren Beggs   36:12
Arlan Cohen   36:45
Kiselyov   40:54
Sean Livingston (3)  WPOC 41:25
Derrick Monahan  WPOC 41:30
Mara Gosko   47:35
James  WPOC 47:50
Susan, Nelson, Veronica & Nick Caro   48:05
Patty Murtha   51:36
Robert Habegger   59:21
Augus Tabacheck (3)   65:52
Tali Shalom-Barak   70:10

Yellow Course    3.9 km    85 m climb    11 controls
Midnight Rockers (4)  WPOC 43:55
Arlan Cohen   47:05
Luca Rzewski  WPOC 55:10
Naomi & Paul  WPOC 55:14
Derrick Monahan   61:18
Fred Chenot  WPOC 62:46
Adam Gentry   65:35
Bobbi Battista  WPOC 70:05
Andrea Komoroski (2)   71:58
Yihan Li & Mel Hainey   76:19
Alex, Rose & Shelby Yawny   111:35
Omri Barak    found 4 controls in 93:30   DNF

Orange Course    4.6 km    190 m climb     10 controls
Alexis Rzewski  WPOC 59:15
Roger Soffregren   98:52
Sherry Shank  WPOC 104:10
Troop 78 leaders (4)  BSA 138:55
Loretta Opila  WPOC 151:57
David Greer   156:45
Charlie Shaffer   160:36
Eric & Lauren Stein, Jan & Ken Janovitz   187:35
Steven Styer   192:20
Troop 78 Team 1 (3)  found 8 controls in 153:05  BSA DNF
Troop 78 Team 2 (3) found 8 controls in 153:05  BSA DNF
Mel Hainey & Yihan Li   found 6 controls in 114:00   DNF
Ryan & Kim Echel, Ricky Myros (4)  found 5 controls in 95:00   DNF
Omri Barak  found no controls in 26:10   DNF

Red Course    7.9 km    285 m climb   12 controls
Nathan Ohrmaschel  DVOA 89:38
Andy Strat  WPOC 94:42
Alexis Rzewski  WPOC 97:11
Anneliese Steuben  WPOC 106:31
Dan Marincel  WPOC 108:03
Brian Komoroski   111:10
Joe Logan  WPOC 150:00
Yaki Barak   195:29
Keith & Frances Irvin  found 10 controls in 193:00  WPOC DNF
John Hinderliter  found no controls in 35:58   DNF