Blue Spruce Park
Orienteering Meet
26 August 2012

I've been told that it was an overcast day but not too hot.  The rain held off until control pick-up.  The turnout was a little above average for an Indiana county meet:  33 starts  with 53 participants.

Curt Mertz was meet director.  He designed four interesting courses with some challenging route choices on red.  I've heard of only one minor problem that affected the first few runners on red - control #2 was missing for the first few minutes of competition.  I still don't know how Anneliese managed to get the right punch for that one.  I'm told that the feedback was very positive for the advanced courses. 

Thanks to Barbara Johnstone and Al Sheaffer for handling set up and for dealing with the emergency situation that kept me away from the meet.  Thanks to Sherry Shank, Naomi Jarvis, Barbara Johnstone and Christy Freeman for handling registration. Thanks to Dan Marincel and Al Sheaffer for handling start/finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan and Alexis Rzewski for doing instruction.  And thanks to Dave Battista, Alexis Rzewski and Al Sheaffer  for helping to pick up the controls.

The next event will be our National Orienteering Day meet on September 16 at Deer Lakes Park.

White Course   2.23 km    25 m climb     8 controls
Christy Freeman  WPOC 44:36
Dan & Lauren Beggs   52:38
States (5)   56:25
Shayne Campbell (3)   64:53
Paul & Michael DeVito & Patrick Edwards   69:07
Wendy Godlin   100:55
Midnight Rockers (3)  WPOC 100:55

Yellow Course    3.01 km    70 m climb    9 controls
Midnight Rockers (3)  WPOC 70:58
Barbara Johnstone  WPOC 82:15
Patrick & Michael (3)   85:14
Ivan, Jan, Phil, Denise (5)   89:04
Luca, James, Tommaso  WPOC 97:24
Andria Zutich (3)   101:21

Orange Course    4.01 km    170 m climb     10 controls
Alexis Rzewski  WPOC 44:47
Breanne & Tobi Angove   72:47
Naomi Jarvis  WPOC 96:03
Al Sheaffer  WPOC 103:29
Tom & Linda Gray  WPOC 106:02
Gary T. Kocher   131:56
Kevin Morales   167:09
Omri Barak  found 7 controls in 114:56   DNF

Red Course    5.91 km    260 m climb   14 controls
Toby Angove   61:06
Alexis Rzewski (adjusted time)  WPOC 70:25
Dave Battista  WPOC 78:36
Anneliese Steuben  WPOC 80:47
Dan Marincel  WPOC  99:10
Joe Logan  WPOC 104:13
Lorenz (2)  WPOC 115:12
Andrew Shissler   139:26
Sherry Shank   154:46
Yaki Barak   165:38
Jim Trautmann  missed control #5,  102:16  WPOC DSQ
Nick McCullar  found 10 controls in 145:35  WPOC DNF