Camp Seph Mack (Yellow Creek S.P.)
Orienteering Meet
29 April 2012

It was a bright sunny day, starting out rather cool (40's) and ending in the 60's.  The turnout was about average for events in the eastern half of our area, 25 starts, 55 participants.  I had hoped that the weather would bring more participation.

Al Sheaffer was meet director.  He designed four interesting courses, although the yellow course seemed to be more challenging than usual based on the finishing times.  Everyone seemed to have a good time; there was a very low number of DSQs and DNFs.  It was particularly good that we had none of those on the white course.  Al designed the courses so that white and yellow were in a different part of the map than the orange and red courses; this gave us an advantage when picking up the controls

Thanks to Sherry Shank for handling registration. Thanks to Joe Logan and Karin Villwock for handling start/finish.  And thanks to Joe Logan, Eric Steinbring's group, and Anders, Carl and Karin Villwock  for helping to pick up the controls.

The next event will be on May 20 at Bushy Run Battlefield.  This will be our first event at Bushy Run and our first event devoted to sprint courses.

White Course   2.36 km    65 m climb     10 controls
Mitch Vena (3)   46:04
Villwock Family (3)  WPOC 49:35
Chuck (2)   66:10
Patrick Brown (4)  BSA 66:40
Viva & Laurel (4)   70:28
Jeff & Allison Lazor (3)   84:00
Ian Lohr (3)  BSA 134:09

Yellow Course    3.62 km    135 m climb    10 controls
Jack M. (switched punches)   101:45
Viva & Laurel (4)   105:32
Midnight Rockers (5)  WPOC 107:06
Chenot Family (4)  WPOC 132:10
Molchlee (2)  BSA 134:25
Arjun (3)   227:10
Wyatt (4)   227:10
Lara Cilo (2)   missed 3 controls,  108:21   DSQ

Orange Course    4.44 km    105 m climb     12 controls
Kevin Tucker  WPOC 71:20
Felipe Trevizan   84:00
Kim & Chris   125:04
Barbara Johnstone  WPOC 138:00
Team Barak    142:33

Red Course    6.50 km    160 m climb   12 controls
Jim Trautmann  WPOC 64:18
Lorenz (2)  WPOC 86:07
Joe Logan  WPOC 99:15
Sherry Shank  WPOC 108:54
Curt Mertz   found 3 controls, 74:30  WPOC  DNF