Pine Ridge Park
Orienteering Meet Results
13 November 2011

It was an exceptionally nice day for mid-November.  Temperature in the upper 50's, maybe even low 60's.  There was a bit of wind; but all in all, an excellent day for orineteering.  Turnout was a little on the low side for the white and yellow courses; but we had some good competition in the score course.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  The only complaint I heard was about an unmapped rootstock that distracted some of the score course people because it was close to a rootstock control.  I view that as another reason for me to stop mapping rootstock altogether.

Jim Wolfe was the meet director.  He tried to design the score course so that no one would be able to get all controls in 90 minutes.  He was not successful.  It is becoming clear that with the continuing destruction of State Game Lands 153 (the eastern part of the map), it is not possible to devise a 90 minute score course that cannot be cleared in Pine Ridge Park.  We will have to find some more challenging type course for advanced orienteers for next year's event at Pine Ridge.

We had one new member join the club; welcome to Andy Strat.  After everyone was back from the courses, the club held its annual spaghetti/pot-luck dinner and its annual general membership meeting.  Much of the meeting was devoted to discussing various ideas that involved spending club funds.  Draft minutes will soon be available for those interested in more details.

Thanks to Barbara Johnstone, Chris Scanga, Eric Steinbring and Laurie Opila for running registration.   Thanks to Sherry Shank and Dan Marincel  for running start/finish.  Thanks to Dave Battista, Jim Trautmann and Curt Mertz for helping with control pick up.  Also, thanks to Laurie Opila for managing the pot luck dinner.

The schedule for 2012 should be out by the end of the year.  Thanks to every involved for a very successful year.

White Course        2.51 km     80 m climb    9 controls
Ryan Knecht   20:34
Tom & Linda Gray WPOC 39:47
D@nimal   39:47
Andrea Komoroski (3)  DVOA 45:23
The Jones/Zutich Clan (3)   53:16
Anita Rzewski (2)  WPOC 62:28
Anders & Carl Villwock (4)  WPOC 75:19
Sean, Ian & Jen Livingston  WPOC 84:43

Yellow Course        3.72 km       160 m climb    12 controls
Chris Scanga  WPOC 41:52
D@animal   63:15
Ryan Knecht   63:15
Luca Rzewski  WPOC 77:38
Tom & Linda Gray  WPOC 81:40
Chenot (4)   113:53
Eric Steinbring  WPOC 120:06
Barbara Johnstone   first 4 controls in 33:54  WPOC DNF

Score Course        90 minutes    18 controls    10 points per control    10 point penalty per minute late
Name Club Controls Time Penalty Score
Alexis Rzewski  WPOC 18 75:10 0 180
Andy Strat  QOC  18 78:30 0 180
Dave Battista WPOC 18 87:03 0 180
Brian Komoroski  DVOA 17 87:46 0 170
Jim Trautmann WPOC 14 88:12 0 140
Dan Marincel WPOC 14 91:03 -10 130
Curt Mertz (First part) WPOC 11 75:06 0 110
Joe Logan WPOC 11 85:25 0 110
Sherry Shank  WPOC 8 80:19 0 80
Chris Scanga  WPOC 8 89:10 0 80
Curt Mertz (Second part) WPOC 6 58:08 0 60
Corbran, Tarnas, Cooney, Rawlings   9 93:56 -40 50
Lisa Story (2)   7 95:40 -60 10
Loretta Opila WPOC 4 114:59 -250 -210