IUP Co-Op Recreational Park
Orienteering Meet
27 August 2011

Temperatures were in the 70's but it was quite muggy - still it was much better than being in the middle of a hurricane.  We had a pretty good turnout, thanks in part to the number of scouts that showed up.  I had been hoping for more participants on Orange and Red; but I guess we can't have everything.

Curt Mertz directed his first event; it seemed to go quite well.  The only negative comments I hears were about the steepness of the terrain; there was nothing that Curt could have done about that.  There was a minor glitch with the white course that was quickly cleared up and no one's time seemed to be affected by it.  Probably the most notable thing that happened at this event was in the results for the Red course.  I cannot recall any previous local orienteering meet in which there was a tie for first place between two independent runners on the Red course.  But it happened (I checked the results several times); congratulations to Andy and Alexis.

Thanks to Mary Roland, Loretta Opila, and Barbara Johnstone for handling registration. Thanks to Joe Logan and Nick McCullar for handling start/finish.  Thanks to Bryon Roland for conducting instruction.  And thanks to Dave Battista, Nick McCullar and Andy Strat  for helping to pick up the controls.

The next event will be on September 18 at Boyce Park.  This will be our National Orienteering Day event with free participation for newbies.

White Course   2.62 km    105 m climb     9 controls
Duncan Hartrey   26:46
Loretta Opila  WPOC 45:04
Anjey Su   49:41
Girl Scout Candy League (5)  GSA 63:50
Eli & Samuel Battista (3)  WPOC 51:25
No Name Coffee Cup (5)   72:10
Team Gibson (2)   90:33
Clark (4)   Mispunched control #5,  100:45   DSQ

Yellow Course    3.80 km    160 m climb    9 controls
Anjey Su   49:33
MCXC (4)   76:47
Team H (2)   76:56
Josh Weltner  WPOC 93:00
The Better Group  BSA 93:00
Barbara Johnstone  WPOC  95:57
Kevin Caleb (3)   98:55
Bobbi Battista  WPOC 100:55
Team Elm Street (2)   104:29
Winners (3)  JROTC 119:35
Come'n In Last (3)   131:13
Jack Evan (3)   132:00
Evan II (2)   132:00
Team Stuck in Tree (7)  BSA 188:31
Big Boys (2)  BSA 188:36
Wolverines (2)  BSA 194:14
The Lost Ones (2)  BSA 200:53
AG2 (3)     Mispunched control #1;  91:40  JROTC DSQ

Orange Course    4.65 km    200 m climb     11 controls
Team Peabody (3)  WPOC 74:19
Nicole Dann-Payne   77:28
Duncan Hartrey   98:25
Tammy & Tressa  WPOC 162:44

Red Course    6.68 km    270 m climb   16 controls
Andy Strat  QOC 69:35
Alexis Rzewski  WPOC 69:35
Joe Logan  WPOC 112:25
Dave Battista   Completed 8 controls in 73:53  WPOC DNF
Nick McCullar   Completed 9 controls in 86:16  WPOC  DNF