Blue Spruce Park
Orienteering Meet
15 May 2011

It was a very wet day, having rained a couple of inches the day before and rained during the morning before the start window opened.  Some paths were covered with water; streams that are usually only a few inches deep were at 2 feet or more.  Everywhere it was muddy and slippery.  Nevertheless, we did have a few intrepid participants, including several boy scouts working on their first class rating.

Ray Wygonik designed some interesting and challenging courses and all the controls were where they were supposed to be.  We tried to attract a few geocachers to the event by offering one course using GPS coordinates.  But the only ones who showed up were the Grays who are club members.  There were a lot of very positive comments about the courses.  Everyone had a good. albeit wet, time.

We had two families join the club.  Welcome to the Nick McCullar and Barbara Jones families.

Thanks to Loretta Opila and Alexis Rzewski for handling registration.  Thanks to Joe Logan for helping with start/finish.  Thanks to Bryon Roland, Dave Battista, the Weltner family and Rich for helping with control pickup.  And thanks to Ray Wygonik, who helped with registration and start/finish and control pickup because we were short of volunteers.

The next meet will be our 2-day A-meet at Deer Lakes Park and Keystone State Park on June 25-26.

White Course   1.9 km    60 m climb     8 controls
Andria Jones (3) WPOC 53:15
Drew & Landon BSA 59:45
Anita Rzewski (2) WPOC 60:15
Alan Caldwell (3)   63:15
Michael Glasser (2) BSA 66:28

Yellow Course    2.4 km    115 m climb    8 controls
Luca Rzewski  WPOC 44:50
David Ross  WPOC 57:05
Brady Ross  WPOC  65:22
Michael Glasser  BSA 65:22
Caldwell   69:45
Loretta Opila  WPOC 82:44
Landon & Drew  BSA 87:05
Jones (3)  WPOC 93:50
Weltner Family (3)  WPOC 96:02

Orange Course    4.3 km    170 m climb     11 controls
Chris Corbran & Tanya Rodriguez   114:45
Linda & Tom Gray WPOC 161:10
Tammy Cash & Tressa Wright WPOC 191:25

Red Course    6.3 km    280 m climb   17 controls
Alex Rzewski WPOC 65:30
Nick McCullar WPOC 98:34
Dave Battista  WPOC 102:00
Joe Logan WPOC 103:20
Andrew Shissler   119:50