Boyce Park
Orienteering Meet
3 Oct 2010

It was a dreary day, looking like it could rain at any moment.  In fact, it did rain starting about 2 pm.  The temperature held steady at 50.  Nevertheless, we had an extraordinary turnout with 74 starts and about 175 people going out on courses.  Both of these are new record highs for the club.  There were a lot of newcomers; at one time, I think there were three simultaneous instruction sessions going on.  We ran out of maps for two of the courses - yellow right at the end of registration and orange much earlier.  All the comments that I heard were very positive, even from those competitors on orange or the scramble who came back with hundreds of burrs attached.

Dave Battista was meet director.  Based on the winning times, his courses were right on target.  However, many competitors found the courses quite long, especially the orange course.  This was because some were trying to move up to the orange course (always a big leap from yellow) and others, who were trying orienteering for the first time, insisted on beginning with orange.  As the results show, quite a few in the latter category did not fare well.  This was the second time we have offered a scramble course; there was a lot of good feedback about it; we will be offering it again in the future.  A half-scramble was also offered - just do the first half of the scramble.  It turned out to be a very successful meet.

Several new members were acquired at the meet.  Welcome to Dan Marincel, Patrick Hickey, and Dana Dolfi.  We also had a couple of previous members rejoin the ranks.  Welcome back to Lori Yost and K Villowock.

Thanks to Barbara Johnstone, Alexis Rzewski, Laurie Opila, and Dave Torick for handling registration. Thanks to Sherry Shank for handling start/finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan, Laurie Opila for conducting instruction. Thanks to Mike Adametz for drawing more Orange Course maps after we ran out.  And thanks to Dave Torick, Alexis Rzewski and Mike Adametz  for helping to pick up the controls.

The next meet will be our last one of the year:  the combined orienteering meet, social get-together, and business meeting on November 14 at Pine Ridge Park.

White Course   2.2 km    60 m climb     8 controls
Mina & Magne Birkeland  FANA 34:01
Luca Rzewski  WPOC 41:41
Spartans (5)  JROTC 52:17
Team Bravo (6)  JROTC 52:22
Mel Hainey (3)   54:37
Land Nav 1 (6)  JROTC 54:42
Zachary Buell (2)   55:54
Renee Dolnay (3)   59:00
Jacob Majors & Matt Sedlak (4)   66:26
Matthew Price (2)   66:42
Ethan West (2)   72:55
Troop 184 (5)  BSA 76:01
Franks (4)   84:15
Opferman (5)  Pack 40 84:36
Troop 5 (7)  BSA 94:10
Darlene Clark (3) 97:45
Girl Scout Troop 50134 (13)  GSA 100:00
Jones' (2)   104:52
Cody Tworek & Mark Stanchik (4)  Pack 40 117:50
Tom Kaveney (3)  Found first 4 controls; no official start   DNS

Yellow Course    3.4 km    105 m climb    9 controls
Patrick Hickey  WPOC 46:47
Lori & Julia   66:45
Roger Stoffregen   71:20
Frances Irvin, Keith, Ian   72:45
AG 2  (3)  JROTC 74:08
Mike Adametz WPOC  77:38
K. Villwock (3)  WPOC 77:40
Team AG (6)  JROTC 99:50
Cole & Alexis   113:55
Spartans (7)  JROTC 115:00
Smell the Roses (2) WPOC  116:05
Cole Frederick  BSA 117:50
Huber, Ashcom & Davidoff SciTech 129:00
Klimek (4)   140:58
Band of Brothers (3) JROTC 147:57
Ryan & Tyler Gaydos, Hiromi Stone  (9)   163:10
Team Slowpokes (2)  No official Start; completed the course   DNS

Orange Course    4.9 km    180 m climb     9 controls
Kari Fladmark  FANA 63:06
Eric & Karl  CMU 86:14
Johan Holm  EIF 95:35
Lori & Julia   119:36
Martha Gray & Matt Janick   128:16
Ken Lappin  NEOOC 133:40
Tommy Liu  CMU 133:45
Sherry Shank  WPOC 136:55
Aaditya Ramdas  CMU 145:50
Troop 78 Leaders (3)  BSA 154:30
Trekin' Teachers (3)   166:40
David Ross   167:45
Troop 78 Scouts (3) BSA 182:00
Ken Janowitz Family (4)   228:30
Tiffany Ng     missed controls 6 & 7;  182:00 CMU DSQ
Lane Kurkjian   missed last three controls;  163:25 CMU DNF
Nathan Brooks   missed last three controls;  180:00 CMU DNF
Zang Qi & Amanda Michael    missed last three controls;  217:00 CMU DNF
Cong Lu & Shuang Yan Xiong   missed last three controls;  219:00 CMU DNF
Joan Ferraro   missed last three controls:  241:48 WPOC DNF
Disorienteers I (6)  found only first four controls;  127:38   DNF
Prashant Sridhar   found only first three controls;  158:45 CMU DNF
Li Li & Xuan Liu   did not return to finish CMU DSQ

Half Scramble     4.8 km    about 185 m climb    9 controls
Joe Logan WPOC  89:50

Scramble Course    7.0 km    about 355 m climb   17 controls
Alexis Rzewski  WPOC 76:24
Andy Strat QOC 79:50
Randy Mitchell NEOOC 103:00
Dan Marincel WPOC 105:35
Dave Torick  WPOC  106:00
John Rasinski NEOOC  116:30
Eli Fatsi  CMU 124:40
Frank Ferraro  WPOC 151:00
Jason Koenig CMU 151:55
Jason Gray WPOC 156:50
Mike & Diane Lorenz WPOC 165:00
Bonnie Hartmann   missed three controls;  164:15 NEOOC DSQ
Fedya Kleshchev   stopped after control #10;  76:12 CMU DNF