Camp Twin Echo
Orienteering Meet Results
19 September 2010

It was a partly sunny day and by mid-afternoon the temperature reached into the 70's.  It turned out to be an excellent day for orienteering.  The only complaint that I heard was about the bugs; there were approximately one billion gnats in residence around the registration/start area.

This was our National Orienteering Day event and we tried to attact as many newcomers as we could.  We seemed to have done a pretty good job as we had a lot of participation on our beginning courses and a lot of action in the instruction areas.  We provided two White courses and some of the newcomers tried both of them; this was what we had hoped would happen.  Others tried a White and then a Yellow course; those who did found the yellow a much harder course.

We had two courses that we don't offer at most of our meets.  We had a Brown course - the shortest version of a course that requires expert skills.  It was only 3.91 km long but provided some interesting challenges jucging by the finishing times.  We also had a Line course - participants had to follow a 4.8 km twisting and turning line and find the controls that were on the line (they were not marked on the map).  This proved to be a fairly difficult task as no one found all the controls on the line.  A time penalty system was used for controls that were missed on the course.  It would have been good to have a few more participants on the Brown and Line courses, although we did attract one person from SLOC (I'm not quite sure how).

We also added one new membership at the meet.  The Holsing's have joined the club; welcome Rodger and Candy.  And congratulations to our three door prize winners:  Demaund Copeland, Tom Gray, and Matthew Mosteller.  Prizes courtesy of Orienteering USA.

Jim Wolfe was meet director.  Thanks to Ray Wygonik, Mary Roland, Jennifer Livingston and Laurie Opila for running Registration.  Thanks to Sherry Shank, Dave Torick, and Ray Wygonik for handling start/finish.  Thanks to Joe Logan and Bryon Roland for doing instruction. And thanks to Jennifer Livingston, Dave Torick and Alexis Rzewski for helping with control pickup.

Our next meet will be at Boyce Park on October 3.

White East    Course        2.44 km     10 controls
Troop 375 Ligonier (7)  BSA 38:00
Luca Rzewski  WPOC 40:05
Troop 183 Dads (2)  BSA 51:20
Emma Livingston (2)  WPOC 61:50
Boy Scouts (5)  BSA 62:43
Cole Frederick  BSA 73:50
Xtream Team (6)   73:55
Troop 183 Serpents (6)  BSA 83:30
The Jones' (2)   94:30
Pribanic (4)  allowed only to do 5 controls  28:20   DNF

White West    Course        2.50 km     10 controls
AG 2  (3) Gallatin 47:57
Mina & Magiur Birkeland  FANA 53:29
Boy Scouts (5)  BSA 62:50
AG 1  (3) Gallatin 73:54
Emma Livingston (2)  WPOC 77:50
Extreme Team (6)   86:35
Hiro Stone (2)  Pack 40 88:33
Mark Gaydos (5)  Pack 40 89:37
Opferman (5)   106:44
Rodger & Candy Holsing  WPOC 122:05

Yellow Course        3.49 km        10 controls
Kari Fladmark FANA 36:00
AG 2   (3) Gallatin 103:20
Anne & Kathy  WPOC 112:30
Christel Turungan & Sarah Popiel  IUP 116:30
Abby Shaw & Deirdre Bruno  IUP 118:30
Allie Nunn & Melissa Zehe  IUP 120:30
Trail Blazers (3)  missed controls #8 and #10     140:55 Gallatin DNF
Kimi Kozak & Erica Panick  found only control #1  IUP DNF

Brown Course        3.91 km    10 controls
Dave Torick WPOC 70:21
Joe Logan WPOC 74:34
Dan Marincel  SLOC 85:33
Sherry Shank WPOC 96:27
David Ross   175:28
Barbara Johnstone WPOC 209:10
Jim Trautmann  found only 4 controls WPOC DNF

Line Course        14 controls    (about 4.8 km)   10 minute penalty for each missed control up to five
Name Club Missed Return Penalty Total Time
Jim Trautmann WPOC 1 103:03 10:00 113:03
Alexis Rzewski - second try forwards  WPOC 5 130:50 50:00 180:50
Chris Scanga   3 189:30 30:00 219:30
Tom & Linda Gray & Dan Bigart WPOC 1 236:12 10:00 246:12
Alexis & Luca Rzewski  backward WPOC 8 85:48 DSQ DSQ