IUP Co-Op Recreational Park
Orienteering Meet
6 June 2010

It looked like it was going to be a nasty day for orienteering; it had rained most of the night and off-and-on into the morning, until about 11:15.  Even though it was fairly nice after that, many people decided earlier in the day that they didn't want to orienteer in the rain and didn't come out.  Otherwise, everything went fairly well.  There was one minor temporary glitch in the yellow course that was corrected - it affected only one person.  Everyone else commented positively on the courses.  It was Ray Wygonik's meet directing debut; and other than the low turnout, it was definitely a success.

Thanks to Loretta Opila and Dave Torick for handling registration.  Thanks to Alexis Rzewski for helping with start/finish.  And thanks to Dave Torick, Alexis Rzewski and a friend of Ray's for helping to pick up the controls.

The next meet will be at Stackhouse Park on August 29.

White Course   2.35 km    55 m climb     8 controls
Danielle & Stacy WPOC 33:56
Luca Rzewski WPOC 48:45
Weltner Family (4) WPOC 68:41
Scott & Bryan Brubaker   90:45

Yellow Course    3.55 km    185 m climb    8 controls
Chris Peters  WPOC 48:53
Mary & Stacy  WPOC 65:22
Team Chesky (3)   78:32
Loretta Opila  WPOC 119:24

Orange Course    4.75 km    205 m climb     10 controls
Mary Roland WPOC 64:13
Joe Logan WPOC 69:50
Al Sheaffer WPOC 109:01
Bill & Diane   118:28
Tammy Cash (4) finished 8 controls in 118:55 WPOC DNF
Anne & Denise finished 8 controls in 128:50 WPOC DNF

Red Course    6.0 km    265 m climb   11 controls
Alex Rzewski WPOC 59:48
Jim Trautmann WPOC 67:08
Dan Marincel   81:33
Dave Torick WPOC 88:08
Andrew Shissler   119:39
Curt Mertz WPOC 120:45
Sherry Shank WPOC 145:36