Camp Seph Mack
Orienteering Meet Results
24 October 2009

WPOC's fourth night orienteering meet was our first fall night meet in three years.  It had rained much of the previous day and night; so everything was wet and muddy; but we didn't get any noticable rain during the meet.  The temperature was in the low 50's with a 10-20 mph wind.  Orienteering conditions were pretty good.  The map was a new expanded revision of the Camp Seph Mack area, adding about 1 km more shore line and converting to more standard form, including 5 m contours.

The scoring system for the night course was different from our typical score courses.  There were 40 controls.  Four of them were worth 5 points each; 23 were worth 10 points; and 13 were worth 15 points for a total of 445 possible points.  There was a 10 point per whole minute penalty for each minute late.   Each punch card is listed separately in the standings below, even if some people went on the course in a group.  The times and scores should make it clear who went together.  Al Sheaffer, meet director, designed the course so that the 15-point controls were in the most remote reaches of the map.  Controls were placed over more than 2 miles of the north shore of Yellow Creek SP.  I thought that Al had done a very good job of distributing the controls and that it would be very difficult for anyone to get all of the controls in the 150 minutes.

Alexis Rzewski came very close to getting all controls; he missed one and was a few minutes late.  Ironically, the one control he missed (#14) was visited by all but four other competitors.  No control was visited by every orienteer; probably #4 came the closest with all but two competitors visiting it.  Every control was visited by at least three orienteers; naturally, the ones far to the east had the fewest visitors.  Also, the only competitors who visited any of the 15-point controls were Ruth Isaacson & Jason Munley and the people who scored 175 or more points.  A fair number of the scouts and leaders did not try to stay out the whole 2 1/2 hours; they returned early but still turned in quite respectable scores.

We had one sort-of new person join the club.  Rob Cooney, who had been a member a few years ago, rejoined.  Welcome back Rob.  Thanks to Laurie Opila for helping with registration, as well as providing cookiies and some very welcome hot chocolate.  Also, thanks to Bryon Roland and Mary McElhinny for helping with control pick up.

Our last meet of the year will be at Pine Ridge Park on November 8.  That meet will be immediately followed by our annual pot-luck meal and general membership meeting.

Night-O   Score Course        2  1/2 hours    40 controls    Points as stated above
Name Club Controls Time Penalty Score
Alexis Rzewski WPOC 39 2:34:44 -40 400
Dave Battista & Matt McCusker WPOC 28 2:24:16   320
Rob Cooney WPOC 25 2:25:14   285
Jim Hokanson, Matt Perich, Chris Ayers   23 2:28:14   230
Ethan Goldblum  CMU 24 2:34:25 -40 205
Grant Skudlarek  CMU 23 2:34:25 -40 200
Dan Bigart   18 2:17:52   175
Linda & Tom Gray WPOC 18 2:17:52   175
John Motto   18 2:17:52   175
Joe Logan WPOC 17 2:07:53   150
Michael Adametz WPOC 16 2:20:30   140
Terry Gillis WPOC 13 1:47:08   120
Andy Roethlein   13 1:47:08   120
Dan Zimmer   13 1:47:08   120
Joe & Josh Weltner WPOC 13 2:11:50   120
Becky Krupa Venture 11 2:25:38   115
Eric Steinbring WPOC 11 2:25:38   115
Sarah Krupa Venture 11 2:26:23   115
Adam Steinbring Venture 11 2:26:23   115
Zachory Vrabel Venture 11 2:26:23   115
Chris Gillis  BSA 12 1:50:04   100
Benjamin Harris  BSA 12 1:50:04   100
Matt Roethlein  BSA 12 1:50:04   100
Zack Zimmer  BSA 12 1:50:04   100
Thomas Krill  BSA 10 1:34:54   90
Ruth Isaacson & Jason Munley   6 2:25:22   65
Luca Rzewski WPOC 4 1:12:23   25
Mitchell Doerzbacher  BSA 2 1:12:23   10
Vince Karr  BSA 2 1:12:23   10
Dominic Labella  BSA 2 1:12:23   10
Stephen Pfau  BSA 2 1:12:23   10